For those who want to become more than what fitness magazines tell you.

For those who want to become more than your calorie count on the elliptical.

For those who want to become more than the 5 pound pink dumbbells.

For those who want to become more than the fear of “weights making you bulky”.


For those who want to become more than you were yesterday.

For those who want to Become More.

With a female population of 61%, no gym in Pacific Beach creates a more positive, judgement-free place to get better than Performance360.

We invite you to Think Stronger.

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Our Story

When we first opened in 2011, it was in a small, dirty converted boat house with no money, no clients and armed merely with an intense passion to challenge what a gym experience should be.

We were laughed at by the fitness establishment.

A truly independent, local gym could not be successful in a land dominated by corporate sponsored, TV giants.

People took their shots. Quickly labeled us a joke and judged us as small time.

Only, one by one our members thought otherwise, and they spread the word.

Owners Dave Thomas and Bryan Pritz prioritized quality coaching and personalized development above one-size-fits all, competitive workouts. Armed with a loyal coaching staff hell bent upon helping common people do uncommon things.

More converts. More believers. Simply by focusing on our members. Not sponsored athletes. Not celebrities.

Nearly five years, 600 members and two locations later, our flag remains unwavering.

People first. Profit second.

Performance360 was founded in 2011. With three gym locations, our Pacific Beach Gym, Ocean Beach Gym and our newest Bay Park Gym, P360 has consistently been chosen as a finalist for Best Gym in San Diego.