P360 Race Prep


If you are a runner, want to be a runner, or simply need a new endurance challenge, then this 14-week Fall preparatory program will be for you.

The RACE PREP program is designed to be a hybrid of in-gym strength training combined with outdoor weekly team runs, with the singular objective of improving of improving your race times and endurance. 

Race Prep Timeline:

Registration End Date: October 1
Initial Meeting: October 11
Program Start Date: October 18
Race Day: January 20th, Carlsbad Half Marathon

P360 Fall/Winter Race Prep Training Schedule:

  • Group Runs Thursdays 530pm at CP Gym starting October 18th
  • 14 Week Training Schedule (October 18-January 17)
  • No Group Run on  Thursday 11/22 & Thursday 12/27 

Race Prep Cost:

  • The program is included in Performance360 membership.
  • There will be a strict cap of athletes for each prep program.
  • Attendance for all 14 weeks is required.

What RACE PREP Athletes Will Receive

P360 Race Prep

  1. Discount code for Carlsbad Half Marathon: 1.20.19

  2. Training schedule emailed weekly.

  3. One group workout per week including strength, speed, endurance, and mobility.

  4. Suggestions on weekly PSC classes to attend.

  5. Recurring Thursday evening team runs. 

  6. Options for additional group runs.

About Coach Abby

abby_May_Coach_2018_ThumbMy name is Abby and I am coach here at Performance360, as well as a two-time qualifier for the Boston Marathon.

As an endurance athlete, my main goal is to help bridge the gap between the two communities. A person does not have to choose to be successful in the gym or on the road. In reality, the two are perfect pairs and when done correctly can produce incredible results and avoid injury.

  • College Soccer, Cleveland State University

  • Triathlon Club, University of Minnesota

  • 2x Boston Marathon Qualifier (3:27 PR)

  • 1st Place, Lake Havasu 70.3 Triathlon (AG)

  • 1st Place, Wasau Half Marathon (AG)

  • 2nd Place, Canyon City Marathon (AG)


Registration is open until October 1st. You are required to attend the initial meeting on October 11th and be committed to the entire program leading up to the Carlsbad Half Marathon on January 20th. Submitting your registration does not automatically register you for the program. Abby will reach out to you to discuss next steps and make sure the program is a good fit.

Race Prep is currently closed for this specific race prep phase as we have reached our cap. We will open registration again for our next prep program.