Episode 5 – Comparing Yourself to Others in the Gym

This week on the P360 Podcast, Coach Dave, Pritz and Julianne discuss the obsession of comparing yourself to others inside the gym and how to properly use comparison to motivate yourself and not discourage your progress.


  1. Comparison vs. Competition.
  2. Looking at your progress based on your achievements.
  3. Setting micro goals.
  4. Understanding who you are comparing yourself against.
  5. Why going for max lifts will set you up for disappointment.
  6. Positive vs. Defeatist Attitude.
  7. What defines you and your training.
  8. Reaching your potential.
  9. Measuring yourself vs. people who aren’t “elite”.
  10. Why your numbers are just one way to measure your success.
  11. Understand your genetics.

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-The P360 Team