Episode 4 – What is the Best Nutrition?

This week on the P360 Podcast, we have Coach Lenny on and we get a nice four-way going on proper nutrition, and how to find what works for you and your lifestyle.

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  1. Macro Based Approach vs. Paleo. Who wins?
  2. Calories – Why you are probably eating too few.
  3. What are some common themes that most nutrition plans have?
  4. Protein – The catalyst of results.
  5. The scale hates you. Hate it back.
  6. Adherence and allowing yourself to be a human being. Crucial for long-term progress.
  7. Creating a healthy relationship with food.
  8. The science of #carbs.
  9. Insulin and the post workout relationship with gainz.

Listen. Improve.

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-The P360 Team