Episode 2 – Your First Year of Training

This week we talk your first year. Not “beginner training”, your first year. This encompasses a lot as you can make major progress in a year. A super important topic for how to get fit and do so without burn out or injury.


  1. Why we preach movement pattern and stabilizers before going heavy, and why ignoring it could lead to injury.
  2. Get in the base habit of simply accomplishing. Don’t get cray.
  3. Why the fitness industry has set terrible standards and how you need to ignore them.
  4. Track, track, track. Why your brain sees this as progress.
  5. Compare yourself to others as motivation, not unrealistic obsession. A fine line and how to walk it.
  6. Be a Swiss Army Knife.
  7. Understanding “Newbie Gains”.
  8. Keanu Reeves.

We want to grow this around our members, so holler at Coach Julianne, Dave or Pritz around the gym when you see us, or shoot Dave or Pritz an email with any topics you’d like us to discuss on our next Performance360 Podcast.