Episode 8 – How to Achieve Fat Loss Through Fitness and Nutrition

This week on the Performance360 Podcast, Nutrition Coach Lenny along with coach Dave, Pritz & Julianne discuss how to achieve fat loss through fitness and nutrition.

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1. Nutrition Backgrounds

All 4 coaches have diffrent backgrounds in nutrition ranging from professional certifiations to achieving high level results.

2. What to focus on for fat loss

3. Biggest mistakes people need to avoid

4. Caloric requirements and starting points

5. Strategy of wanting to lose 5lbs vs. wanting to lose 20lbs

6. Audience Question & Answers:

  • How do you keep energy levels up while in a deficit?
  • What is the difference between good fats and bad fats?
  • How do hormones and stress factor into things?
  • How do you recover from a cheat meal gone bad?

7. What is more important, training or nutrition?

8. Ideal training schedule for fat loss

9. What to do when getting bored of bland meals?

10. What workouts or movements favor fat loss in the gym?

11. Final stance/parting words from each coach.

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-The P360 Team