P360 Partners with Meal Prep Co. To Offer In-Gym Meal Pick Up

You may have noticed the expanded items being offered at P360 Bay Park retail to include workout drinks, recovery bars, and even full meal pick up that’s brought to you by our friends at Meal Prep Co.

That’s right – you can now grab a full, fresh, healthy meal right after your workout and not have to worry about what to make after or picking up something healthy on the way home. Each week, we will offer different menu items freshly stocked at Bay Park every Monday, and they will be first come, first serve.

Nutrition Coach Ashley was very meticulous in her research of which products and meal delivery service to partner with, to make sure it was on par with both quality and macro quantity to support the nutrition philosophy that she preaches, so you can rest assured that these meals will be in line with most any physique or performance goals that you have underway.

We’d love to hear your feedback – if you like the meals, or want to see the being offered at Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach, let her know!