When: Saturday, December 2nd
Where: P360 Bay Park
Who: Any Current P360 Member at any location

The Performance360 Olympics are one of the most exciting days of the year where we come together as a family, compete along side one another, cheer for one another, and discover abilities we did not think we had.

It contains three events:

  1. (1) Strength Event
  2. (1) Endurance Event
  3. (1) Skill, Speed & Power Event

Main movements you will need to be able to perform: bench press, box jump, running, rowing, lunges

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Registration will be capped, so sign-up now!

It will depend on the size of the participant field but expect the day to go from around 8 am – 3 pm, give or take.

You may come and go around your heats if you wish.

Bring some food and drinks and plan to have a really fun day of it.

Expect to see a mixed modal workouts and benchmarks similar to a P360 class benchmark workout, but slightly unique to the Olympics. No new movements will be thrown at you.

We’ll share the events closer to date.

No, but you’ll want to have some movement proficiency. If you feel comfortable using a barbell across our main movements, you are qualified.

Yeah. Bragging rights to being the fittest P360 member across the land. You’ll also receive complimentary high fives and of course, the king of all prizes – social media recognition.

Modifications will not be allowed. It’s simply too much demand on our team the day of to be able to accommodate you. A good rule of thumb to consider your own health if you’re on the road to recovery is: if you’re injured enough to ask, you should not participate.

Absolutely! If you are more of a novice still building up to the weight that will be “Rx’d” you can still 100% come and join us, you just won’t be able to earn points towards the final standings.