Good morning, guys.  Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the nice weather.  77 and sunny on January 28th.

NBD and in your face, East Coast.

February Big Bear Trip

After a January hiatus from a P360 Social Event we’ll be coming back strong in February and currently trying to gauge interest on a potential trip to Big Bear.

Right now there is nothing concrete as we will need about 25-30 people to commit  but it seems like we have quite a few interested!

Here’s what we are currently looking at.

  • Weekend: Feb. 17 – Feb. 19th (the event will def. be this weekend regardless if we go to Bear)
  • Cost: $75 – $100 for lodging + whatever you want to spend on the mountain
  • Lodging: ~30 person cabin that can be expanded if we need it.

Completely open to all members right now so let us know what you think.  This trip will be entirely driven by the amount of people we get to commit so shoot us an email or let us know what you are thinking in person.

I am sure we will get the question of “can I bring my ______” and right now, we are keeping it as just members. That’s not to say we won’t open it up after a while but as I am sure you understand, we need to see which P360 folks are in first.

Member Shout Outs

Man, we had a HUGE week last week highlighted by two records, thirteen PRs across multiple exercises and an All-American announcement.  Check it out, pretty cool stuff below.

Specialty Classes

The specialty classes have been great and we’re pumped to see you guys really embracing the Thursday night yoga class.  It will be remaining on the schedule indefinitely and if attendance remains this popular we will most likely add another slot during the week.

Black Ops has trailed off a little bit so right now we are going to test out an every other week schedule.  As always, best way to get something on the menu is to regularly attend it.

One option we are considering is to have Tuesday and Thursday night be “Choose Your Own Adventure” night as a way to combine both a Daily Challenge, Power and Black Ops class.  We would have three workouts to choose from and you could go any route you wanted, essentially allowing us to keep all three, please everyone and remain efficient with our scheduling.

Class Times

The 6:15 morning classes have been very popular and will remain on the schedule as long as we continue to see attendance like this.  We will also keep the 6:30 for a while as we decide what works best for the collective group in the morning but just wanted to let you guys know that you can expect the mornings to remain as is for a while.

We will also be keeping the 12 noon class, as well.

Jump Start Your Heart

In case you missed our invitation last week then make sure to check out the Jump Start Your Heart Facebook page.  It’s a charitable 5k going from Pacific Beach to the front doors of Performance360 with the proceeds going to the Children’s Heart Foundation.  It’s just $30 to register and you get a jump rope and a t-shirt out of it.  We all know how much you guys like double unders.

That’s it, guys.  Let us know if there is anything we can do for you guys.

-Dave & Pritz

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