Evolution: Kevin McCauley Loses 52 Pounds in 9 Months

Kevin has lost 52 pounds in nine months at Performance360. Here is his story.

Name: Kevin McCauley
Age: 33
Length of Membership: 9 Months
Fat Loss: 52 Fat Pounds

Tell us a little about yourself.

Well first and foremost, I want to thank all the coaches both current and former. Thank you for everything. I am 33 years old and have been with P360 for a little more than 9 months. I graduated from SDSU with a Civil Engineering Degree and work as a Construction Manager downtown. Two of my favorite projects are a 32 story condo downtown San Diego on 8th and Market and a historic restoration/seismic upgrade in San Francisco Outside of work, I am always sarcastic, sometimes funny, and rarely serious. You have to laugh every now and then.

What changes has your body gone through since joining?

I didn’t realize I was trimming down until my family and friends started asking me what I have be doing since I last saw them. Everything changed except for my socks, they still fit. My legs, stomach, chest, and arms all started to slim down and somewhat started showing a little definition, emphasis on little. To quote “What About Bob”, it’s about the baby steps. I realize it is progress and that’s always a good thing. I haven’t found the magic beans that allow you to do one push up or sit up and everything is tone all of the sudden.

Can you tell us a little bit about the difficulty and challenges of starting out from scratch with big goals for yourself?

There’s a mental response and a physical response to this question. Physically when I started I thought I was in one of Dante’s circles, which in all fairness the coaches did say I would be sore. Mentally it was removing the “I can’t do that from” my mind. This is where I have really appreciated all of the coaches advice to get me past that. I am in construction and building a solid foundation is the success of the project, where it is a 32 story condo or a mental attitude for success.

What is your motivation on a daily basis? What gives your training purpose?

My motivation is trying not to regress into my previous state. My path has changed from “Just work, live later” to work-life balance. I was working 5 to 6 days a week, too many hours in the day and not working out. I was miserable, stressed out, and unhealthy. My doctor said it was time for a change, so I focused on my work life balance and started working out. I started living in the now and not in the later. My stress alleviated, my attitude is better, and I trying to be healthier.

Were there moments you felt like quitting? How did you get past it and keep your mind right?

Absolutely. When I felt like I wasn’t having fun and wanted to quit, I stepped back. I took an extra few days off to re-evaluate, recover, and re-establish my goals. I didn’t have a set goal, I had minor milestones. I would try to make three classes one week, slowly increase to more, or make it a point to try a class that wasn’t the daily challenge. I would break it down to the simplest idea, I just have to get there. The best part of P360 is you have already created the workout, I just have to show up. There’s modifications I could do if I couldn’t do main workout, but all I had to do was get to the gym.

What has your transformation done for you outside of the gym, in other areas of your life?

I think I am still working on myself and have not completed my transformation. This story is to be continued.

What would you say to people who have lofty weight loss goals but are intimidating at the daunting task of starting?

For someone with a lofty goal, I would say to talk to a doctor and talk to a coach. The goals have to be realistic and stay positive. It will take time, it’s not an overnight change, and it’s a lifestyle change. The correct motivation and support will make the task easier to handle and have a higher success rate.

Kevin McCauley has been a member of Performance360 for nine months.