P360 Franchising – Q&A with Chief Operating Officer, Lenny Weiner

Today, we have an interview with Performance360™ Franchise Group Chief Operating Officer, Lenny Weiner. Lenny started as a member of P360 back in 2014, then became a coach through our member-to-coach program, ultimately an owner of P360 Ocean Beach, and now finally as COO of the Franchise Group.

It’s an amazing journey that embodies what opportunities lie within these four walls.

You started out as a member, then a coach, then a co-owner of OB, now are Chief Operating Officer for the brand. Can you talk a little bit about this journey?

I joined the gym 2 weeks after I moved to San Diego and I had not engaged with any group fitness experience prior to P360. I was a bodybuilding at 24-hour type guy my whole life. So I said what the hell, I want to meet people. And what I’ve experienced since then has been nothing short of life changing from top to bottom.

I walked into a community that welcomed me from the beginning. I stress the word “community,” because it’s the people that drew me in and continue to keep me here today.

My passion has always been fitness, so I was confident (and maybe a bit arrogant) about which type of training produced the best results. P360 turned my assumptions upside down.  Instead of boring muscle building splits with my headphones in, we trained with purpose on athleticism, conditioning, and strength in a team format which was a blast.  I was driven by new goals that went beyond training my physique.  Within a month I knew this place was special and I wanted to be a part of its clear future successes.

I emailed the founders Dave and Bryan, explaining my vision and desire. Here I am a new member reaching out to the owners about helping it grow. They’re very busy people and could have simply ignored me. Yet instead, they reached out to me and started the process of getting to know me. My style is high-energy, unique, but they spent the time to hear my plans.  They outlined a roadmap to ownership just by hearing me out and assessing my commitment to the company’s mission – as they are both very protective of that.

I continued as a member, immersing myself in the brand and community. I began as the Nutrition Coach back when I had a certification, and then a coach on the floor soon after (through the P360 member-to-coach program).  While I was coaching we continued to work towards the partnership and the 3rd location. It finally came to fruition in April of 2018 in Ocean Beach, with all three of us as owners. During that time, my belief in the company and its direction only solidified. Each day, I was more convinced that this place deserved my full resources: my time, my attention, and my financial pledge.

Simply put: Dave and Bryan were already successful owners. But their openness to new ideas from a guy who emailed them one day, proves that they’re amazing people and leaders who will always consider what’s best for P360 and its members, first.

You invested time and money into opening and partnering at P360 Ocean Beach. Has that been worth it?

My model was not as a franchisee but as a partner, but it required that I bring a decent amount of capital to the table. There’s never been a doubt that this decision was right. First, I’ve never looked at the initial investment as a cost. The money was an investment in my future, to connect to something I love and feel passionate about, and to open up new doors for me in the future. All of that has happened. But from a purely dollars and cents perspective, yes, it has been very worth it.

Dave and Bryan also wanted to lightly test what someone else running a location looked like and how it performed, and though a bit different than a franchisee, we proved that the model could be replicated. Which I think is terrific to know.

The company’s success allows me to live comfortably in an expensive and beautiful city. And I now have equity in a terrific asset. Much more importantly, I spend my days building something I love, around people I love, with tremendous work/life autonomy and considerable support.  Oh, and I do all of this with some of my closest friends. Not bad, right?

I feel a tremendous sense of pride with what the Ocean Beach location has become, and now that I am a partner in the entire brand, I can’t wait to help others get to feel that feeling.

What excites you most about franchising Performance360™? 

I’ll answer that by saying that if this opportunity was available 5 years ago, knowing what I know now, I would have totally pounced on it. Bringing this opportunity to our huge P360 community so that they can now take this step, excites me so much.  It’s as simple as this: if you love P360 and have even considered owning a gym, you don’t have to be a business wiz or a fitness guru to find success and personal fulfillment.

Dave has an incredible vision for the P360 brand that I believe in very much. Bryan is developing a fantastic software for owners. The process is turn key and you’ll be supported at every turn from people you know and trust, like me.  In many ways, it’s the same as joining P360 as a member. You don’t have to be in terrific shape to be a part of an amazing fitness community and get the most out of training.  We meet you where you are and coach you to get better. That same plan and philosophy will apply to new owners.

Additionally, I’m very excited to bring P360 to all parts of the country and, maybe, the world.  This company has impacted the lives of thousands of members in such a profound manner. I believe people everywhere can, and will be, impacted by its magic. Whether it’s physically changing someone’s body and the confidence that follows, or the relationships and experiences we create here, P360 makes lasting, indelible marks on all that are fortunate enough to experience it.

What will your specific involvement be as Chief Operating Officer?

I will be a mentor that supports new owners through all stages of gym ownership and the primary point of contact initially. Pre-opening we will connect with our trusted partners in real estate, contracting and equipment supply.  This will ensure that we find an area and facility that fits a specific criteria in order to set the gym up for future success.  I’ll also be supplying support and training to owners on how to best operate their P360 prior to opening.  So when it’s time to open the doors for their first classes, it’s all systems go.

But that’s only the beginning.  New owners will have consistent communication with me, as I guide them through a 4 stage mentorship plan, as their gym grows. In this, I will share expectations for growth and provide guidance based on experience on how to foster the new, blossoming P360 community and membership.  I’ll also visit gyms in person, to further connect with the owners, so I can see firsthand how they might get more from their gym.

In short, my personal ambition and company vision are directly tied to supporting new owners as they take on this exciting and life-changing business venture. I truly cannot wait. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this kind of professional fulfillment my entire life, and I am so happy to have found it with P360 and its leaders.

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Lenny WeinerLenny Weiner is Chief Operating Officer for Performance360 Franchise Group and operating partner for Performance360.