P360 Continues to See Rise in Female Ownership

As a brand that has long led the way in welcoming women into the world of strength and conditioning, we’re thrilled to see this begin to translate into more and more ownership positions – as Cassie becomes our third female owner and very first 100% sole owner-operator.

Cassie McGrath statement:

“From the moment I stepped foot into P360, I knew there was something different. The ‘no random workouts’, the cycle-based training, knowledgeable coaches, and the sense of community was crystal clear. This was not your average fitness “studio.”

Once I got to learn about the process, systems, and just how much is put into everything behind the scenes from a business perspective during my franchising process – the opportunity only made me more and more excited.

I am absolutely thrilled to step into a leadership role within the P360 brand and to be provided with the unique opportunity to represent the amazing women who make up such a big a part of the P360 community and culture.”

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