Overhead Positioning Clinic with Coach Julianne

When: Sunday, May 14th, 10a – 11:30a
Where: Performance360 Crown Point
Cost: Free for Members, $30 Drop-In for Outside Coaches and Athletes
How to Register: To pre-register, email Dave@Perform-360.com as spaces are highly limited (last P360 Academy sold out)
The overhead position is critical for all successful athletes to develop, and one of the most difficult positions to obtain. Many movements we perform in the gym ultimately require that we be proficient and mobile enough to handle weight over our heads, including the:
  • Jerk
  • Overhead KB Swing
  • Snatch
  • Overhead Squat
Sunday, May 14th, Coach Julianne will take athletes through positioning cues, mobility drills and awareness to better achieve healthy shoulder function and strong overhead positioning.
This is for:
  • Athletes who struggle with the overhead position and are limited in their lifts and gym movements. 
  • Athletes who want to get better and stronger in Olympic lifts.
  • Mobile athletes who want to better learn and develop proper position, to increase their lifts.
  • Anyone who wants to learn more about overhead position and shoulder mobility.
  • New athletes looking to establish a proper foundation. 

To pre-register, email Dave@Perform-360.com.

What is P360 Academy?

P360 Academy is a monthly focus on a single movement or skill. 60-90 minutes in duration, they will apply hyper focus on improving a certain area and the topic and coach will always be diverse.

Think of this as an “extended class”, 60 – 120 minutes in duration.  Most will be free to members (some will not), all will be cost for drop in non members.