Our Ongoing Corona Virus Action Plan

Please check here daily for operational updates effected by the Corona Virus.

Please also know that Performance360 will not stop providing workouts, leadership, and community for our members under any circumstance. How and where those are all served to you may of course vary depending on the circumstance as you can read below, but we will move forward for our members in any state.

Update: Saturday 3/21, 4:16 pm

P360 Online Classroom
Weekly Workouts

Dear Members,

I want to first extend an enormous thank you to you all. Every one of you. Your feedback, messages, emails, texts offering your support for the gym while you all no doubt face huge stress, unknown and anxiety in your own life has been incredible. We are all in this together and not so tone deaf that we don’t understand a gym is likely the least of your concerns or priorities, and we understand that you have issues of your own. Thank you for carving out some time and space for Performance360 to be a part of that.

The communication vibe that we wanted to set at the onset of this was pretty simple: We want to communicate with you daily about health and fitness, and we want to communicate you thoughtfully and far less frequently with regards to operational updates. Nearly every decision we make has at least three or four potential serious repercussions, so we aren’t going to be the place that vomits out words that have no meaning, careful thought, and legitimate backing to them. There’s enough of that going around. You guys deserve better.

Today, I am pleased to share with you a little bit more about what’s going on from the perspective of a small business, particularly where your support is going in dollars and cents, as well as tell you the exciting things that we’re providing this week.

First up, here’s what we have for you next week.


1. THRIVE Challenge

This is our at-home challenge that is centered around Grassroots workouts, as well our THRIVE ebook designed to help you navigate health and nutrition during these times. We will use our app to track daily points and have a fun friendly competition within our community. The workouts are going to be difficult, progressive, and you will build strength, muscle, and fitness.

I said it.

You can register for it here. It’s obviously completely free for you guys.


Next week, the workouts are going to take shape into something much more outcome oriented and purpose driven. This week, we wanted to keep you all moving and not be concerned with any sort of deeper meaning beyond that. Just being totally honest. You’ll see some familiar formats next week, even more challenging workouts and continued options for those of you doing the body weight versions, and those of you who have some weights at home.


Some of you have lost jobs, some of you have been placed on furlough. I cannot even imagine the stress of the unknown that brings you and you are high in our thoughts right now. We hold no ill will against any of you who have gone on hold or even the few who have cancelled. We understand, and we’ll see when you again when our and your situation looks better.

The good news is that the vast majority of you have chosen to stay with us, and that has been and will continue to be a lifesaver as we’ll explain here in this section a bit.

Here’s what we are currently trying to get a hold of as a business.


We did not really want to make this public as we feel it’s in poor taste. I personally can’t stand places who use employees as a virtue signaling tool to look good, but so many of you have reached out and expressed concern for our full time coaches (which is amazing) that we feel it necessary to share a little insight into what we’re doing.

  • Right now, we’re paying all of our “full time” coaches what their full class load would have been had we not be in suspension right now.
  • In addition, we have one full-time salaried employee who is currently being paid 100% of their salary.
  • Ownership is not taking a dime during suspension that would otherwise be going to our coaches. Just not how we roll, folks (more on this)

As we have told all of our full-timers and will echo to membership, we will not be abandoning them during this time. We are doing everything we can for them, and your active membership continues to support that. For us to guarantee to our coaches and our community that we will be able to continue that indefinitely would be a lie. We have found a way in the present, if this goes on we will continue to do what we can and adapt in the best way we know how. For those of you with greater concern than others, the best way to support the coaches you love is to continue to be members and to continue to help us ensure there are jobs to return to when this is all over.


In a typical month, we have ~$83,000 worth of overhead we must account for. Unfortunately, bills don’t stop just because the state shut us down. We still owe rent on four different leases, we have creditors that aren’t pausing their bills, debts that must be paid, and of course, it’s tax season and the time of year insurance premium renewals are due. None of those things are your problem, but sometimes it can be helpful to get some insight as you might question and wonder what’s happening behind the scenes. As a business, you save up for emergencies in the case of economic downturn, repair, etc. You do not save up for the day the Governor tells you that the entire state is shut down.

Right now, we are in pleas with all four of our landlords asking them for rent leniency. Our PB location, specifically the Ghamaty family, has been gracious enough to help waive some immediate rent costs which freed up survival money to go straight to our full time coaches. We are yet to hear back from the others but we remain hopeful at their initial response.


Every account adjustment that we make is performed manually by Pritz. Again, not your problem, but we don’t have the luxury of a large scale software build out and mass changes to accounts with the switch of a button. I write this because a few of you have written in asking us if there is an automatic pause coming to your membership. There isn’t. Like it or not, we aren’t Orange Theory. We don’t have venture capital money and a large franchise network backing us. We’re a couple of guys. In addition to not having that technical ability, if we did, it would send us into a state of debt overnight that we would likely not be able to recover from. Finally, we aren’t stopping our services. I know damn well that what we’re doing right now isn’t what you signed up for, but we’ve got progress being made by all following the programming. Ultimately, there is nothing stopping you from doing whatever you want with your membership other than our plea for your support, and to know that we are still actively providing training and coaching on multiple fronts.

For those who continue to keep their memberships active, we will continue to do our best to provide P360 quality training, coaching, and community.

Where Your Money Goes

So, for those who have reached out to ask us where their money is going, it’s going everywhere. It’s going to continue to pay our coaches for as long as we can. It’s going towards keeping all four doors “open”. It’s going to any and every financial cause related to what’s due. Ownership is not secretly lining our pockets with an enormous profit off your memberships right now. First, that’s hilarious if you think there is profit during Corona. Second, if there was it would go straight towards bankrolling our survival and long term success.

Right now, we are 100% okay as a gym. Your support through the first week of Grassroots has inspired the hell out of us. More than you know, but we are also facing increasing revenue losses daily. I feel very good about our future, but can’t and won’t offer anything beyond that I remain unwavering in my personal optimism and confident about our future as a gym and gym community. Just like you and your personal situation, we’re taking this is all one day at a time, with your help.

For those of you who continue to stick with us, thank you. We won’t let you down.

For those of you hurt by this, let us help. Stay involved. Stay active with our community.

Remember, we aren’t running classes…but we ain’t fucking closed.

-Dave Thomas


P360 Online Classroom
Weekly Workouts

Updated: Friday, 3/20 6:15 PM


Starts Monday! Enrollment is live and ready for you to join!

We will posting another membership address on Sunday evening. In the meantime, let’s see those sign-ups for a productive upcoming week of fitness.

Updated: Thursday, 3/19 10:29 AM

Current Action Plan: Level 3

Hello, everyone. As you know, the Public Health Officer of San Diego County has mandated that all gyms be closed for the next 13 days. As you also know, we don’t close. We adapt and modify, so please take a moment to watch our upcoming action plan below:

Here are the highlights:

EQUIPMENT LOANS: First, keep in mind that Grassroots does not require equipment of any kind. That is the whole idea. However, for those who want to try and perform the weighted version, we will be loaning out equipment from all four gyms to those who need it. You may rent a single dumbbell or kettlebell during round one, and if we have leftovers we will open up a second round a few days later.

Here is how this will work:

Time: Saturday, 10 – 12p at all four gyms.

How: Register online in your class scheduling app. There will be 15 minute blocks and they are strictly limited to 8 people per block.

—Equipment will be free of charge. However, we are encouraging a cash donation in person where 100% of the donations will go to our full time coaches. It is not required.

—It will be first come, first serve.

—You will be limited to either (1) DB or (1) KB of whatever inventory is available. 

—We will be doing one in, one out. The coach will not be interacting with you much and will be keeping a 15 foot distance from you, so let’s save the conversation and get in and out.

—We don’t want to but are obligated to say this: You acknowledge total responsibility for returning the equipment on the exact day and time that we mandate. We will need our equipment for classes when the suspension is lifted, and failure to do so will result in a $100 account penalty. We do not want to do that at all, so let’s just all work together and be responsible in getting through this. 

—There is a chance we may leave some of you disappointed if inventory depletes. We’re very sorry in advance if we can’t serve all of you.

–You may sign up on our regular class schedule, just go to Saturday “classes” and you’ll see it. Pay close attention to time and location. 

We know that some of you scrambled and bought equipment at the onset of the suspension. We’re very sorry we didn’t have this in place sooner. We’re doing the best we can is all we can say. 

THRIVE CHALLENGE: Or, Quentin Quarantino as we call him. We will be offering a free at-home challenge starting Monday. You will enter your email onto a form on this page, and you will be sent all of the details to your inbox. We look forward to seeing as much of membership as possible!

CLASSES: As of now, this plan is to resume classes  when allowed on Wednesday, April 1st at 6 am.

We continue to rely on your support during this time and are grateful beyond words to those of you who continue to stay active, and stay with us. Keep it up, and keep sharing all of your hard work with us on social media so we can continue to inspire and build community.

We’ll see you for Grassroots, and if you haven’t seen all of those details below, give them a read.

once more again…..THANK YOU.

-Dave Thomas

Updated: Tuesday, 3/17 8:29 AM

Current Action Plan: Level 3

Good morning again, everyone.

Thank you for helping us make it through the most difficult decision and hardest day we’ve been in business in our nine years. Yesterday was truly awful for obvious reasons, the blowback it caused, and the one shining light in all of it was those of you who reached out to share your support in this time. It means everything to us. Figuratively, and quite literally.

No new major updates for you, but here’s a few resources for you.

“Grassroots” Equipment
The link we posted on Amazon quickly sold out of dumbbells and kettlebells. We don’t want to send you on a wild goose chase, and honestly they are a luxury and not a necessity. Here’s what you can do at home to add some resistance.

  • Buy 1 bag of Quickrete from Home Depot or Amazon.
  • Use an old laundry detergent bottle, or pick up some empty containers on Amazon. Here is a large one. Here is a small one.
  • Using all of the above you have enough resistance and options for at least two dozen movements, all of which will be viable for Grassroots PSC: Weighted.
  • Resistance Bands

Live Virtual Walkthroughs: 9 am
Every morning at 9 am on our Instagram Live TV, we will be performing walkthroughs and taking your questions for both Grassroots PSC options. It’s also a great and fun way to interact with your community for a few minutes as you can ask questions, post comments, etc.

Here’s how to watch.

  1. Open Instagram. If you are not a member, we suggest you join temporarily. It’s free, takes five minutes and you don’t need to set up anything that will share privacy if you don’t want, just a basic account will do.
  2. Go to “Performance360” in your search bar.
  3. Once on our profile, click our logo in the top left.
  4. Select the option, “Instagram Live”.

Non-Live Virtual Walkthrough
For those who can’t make the 9 am “class”, worry not. We will be posting the walkthrough in the following areas:

  1. Our IGTV account.
  2. P360 Online Classroom
  3. The website where we post each day’s workouts.

Simply put, you cannot miss it no matter your technological savviness :)

Our IGTV Account
We are building a one-of-a kind library of walkthroughs and workout demos for as long as we need to. Everyday we perform them, they will be archived and permanently accessible on our IGTV Channel. To access it, just take the following steps.

  1. Go to our Instagram profile.
  2. 3/4 of the way down your screen, you will see a tv logo with a squiggly line through it. It is located just above all of our posts. Click that, and it will take you to our full library.

Daily Workout Postings
After today, we expect to have links to every movement in question on the website for those who need them, leaving no confusion about what to perform.

That’s it for now. Check back daily for more interaction, tips, and updates when we have them.

As a reminder, the current plan is for gym classes to be suspended through the end of this week and go from there. If we are forced to continue our class suspension, we have our second step of Grassroots training which includes a results driven “Quarantine Challenge.”

You read that right.

Stay tuned, and keep sharing with us your Grassroots workouts videos!

-Dave Thomas

PS. If you missed the major announcement below, please read it.


We want to assure you that we are prepared to take measures to provide you an excellent service during a variety of possible outcomes, and in the spirit of full disclosure we’d like to share with the progressive steps of our action plan.

Fitness As Usual: Standard P360 operating.

Level 1: Increased awareness around sanitary measures and increased offerings for those who prefer social distancing.

Level 2: A temporary reduction of class offerings + a reduction of class size allowance.

Level 3 (CURRENT): In the event of a forced closure, we will be moving to temporary online and home based training temporarily.


First, we would ask that you please wait it out this week and see what happens.

Ultimately, you should do what is best for yourself during these times. We have waived our 7-day holds policy for those of you who feel an urgent decision must be made. We respect that choice. But please understand that if too many members go on hold it could quickly have irreversible financial damage to the gym and our ability to operate as we all know it. As a small business, you save up for emergencies, but nothing of this scale and we will still owe all of our creditors and contract obligations. Candidly, we will need all of the support we can get and are prepared to go above and beyond to continue to provide you workouts, coaching, and value.

  • Grass Roots Workouts — for your home
  • Daily Interactive Videos
  • Online Classrooms
  • App Tracking

Finally, as a small business we do not have the luxury of complex back end software. We process every request manually and it will take some time for us to get to you. Please have patience.

It is our sincere belief that we will be able to weather this together provided we stay strong as a community. Thank you for your consideration, and above all stay safe out there.


You will need to request any changes to your membership. As we have stated above, we are moving ahead with steps and service offerings to all of our members right now and believe very much in the value we’ll be able to provide. We hope that you’ll continue to support us during this time if you are able.

Month to Month
If you are on a month to month plan, you may cancel at any time with the standard 30 day notice. We hope that you don’t cancel but understand if you do.

If you opted for a contract, we have amended that to make it easier for you. You may go on hold as to not obligate you to payment (previously not allowed), but you may not cancel early. We are not out of business. If more serious long term closure looms, we will revisit this.