Performance360 Coaches


We believe that successful group fitness coaching is about more than just motivating the room. At P360, our coaching philosophy boils down to three simple tenets.


“Great job, Steve.” Not, “Great job.” We’re never gonna be your best friend, but we respect the hell out of your decision to be here, and as such, believe that group fitness is not a sea of faces in the crowd but a room full of individuals who deserve respect and attention. 


Never too focused on being a cheerleader that you forget to coach, and never consumed by technical how-to that you forget to motivate. We believe the best coaches are those who strike the perfect balance between high energy and high intellect.


You don’t just receive coaching instruction at P360, but the education and the “why” to go along with it. It’s simple. Knowledge is power, and if you understand the reasons you’re being asked to perform or correct something then you’re much more likely to adhere to it long term.