Origin Story: “Sneak Joint” 4-Week Cycle

MON: Front Squats
TUES: Explosive Strength
WED: Hang Power Cleans
THUR: Time Under Tension
FRI: Deadlift & Chin-Ups

“There weren’t many establishments near our first location in Mission Beach. When we threw our grand opening party in 2011, the plan was to hang out all day at the gym, play some games, give away some memberships, and call it a day. But…we were owners in our 20s at the time without kids and we were definitely looking to CELEBRATE.

After a few hours of fun at the gym, we knew the wrong move was to kill the buzz (literally), so we and about 50 of our grand opening attendees set out on foot to find the closest establishment, leading us to a place called Sneak Joint. What followed was a hazy memory of people buying us fireball shots, guards put down, and good times had by all.

It was within those walls where right away we knew we fitness could have a wild side, and that we had something special.

Sneak Joint would go on to become our de facto Member Social place for the first few years of our business. Some great friendships, partnerships, and community building in that little spot. Sadly, it closed a few years later, but we’ll never forget the foundation that it played in helping us build the first version of community fun at Performance360.”

-Dave, Co-Founder