Opportunity Knocks – The Most Progressive Coaching Development in the Industry

As we gear up for what is sure to be a full and exciting 2023, we’re looking for great coaching candidates to round out our Performance360™ HQ roster. As you consider whether coaching is something for you, understand the following – coaching development here is like nowhere else found in this industry.


It’s simple. We don’t outsource your education or development.

To understand why we are so passionate about our coaching development, it helps to learn about our founding days. Back in 2015, we experienced very fast success. We offered training not found anywhere else at affordable prices ever expert told us would put us out of business. The result was both a cultural and program design that caught fire in a way we knew we couldn’t jeopardize by diluting with hires who weren’t compatible with both.

We knew that if we were ever going to be able to scale Performance360 to the level we believed it capable, we’d need our own system of unique coaching development.

The reasons were threefold.

  1. There is no industry certification that matches what we do both technically and culturally. The disconnect between what people like to compare us to most, CrossFit™, is vast with more differences than similarities.
  2. Our best guarantee for keeping our culture impenetrable is to continuously refresh it from within.
  3. We wanted to show members just like you that access to a coaching position, whether it be for passion or income, need not be overwhelming.

Believing this, in 2015 our co-founder and now acting CEO Dave Thomas authored our first Level 1 Coach Manual that has since served as the foundation for every coach who has ever set foot on our floor, including the following coaches who are realizing their dream of gym ownership in the form of P360 franchising this year:

  • Mark Highsmith
  • Nate Correia
  • Cody Goyette
  • Jenn Ciofolo 

Not to mention Chief Operating Officer Lenny Weiner, at his very first step was a member-to-coach development grad, before going on to co-own Performance360 Ocean Beach. He uses those principles to guide our operations today.

To start your coaching development at P360 is to know that every opportunity exists from fulfilling a passion project for a few hours per week, to a full time GM, to a franchisee P360 owner. And everything in between. Now a funded division lead by our own John Main, the P360 coaching development system has successfully developed 46 coaches since its inception including every favorite coach you have ever had here.

We are very proud of this fact and we don’t mind stating it plainly. We fuck with opportunity and development, here. They are our lifeblood. Coaches begin their journey here often without any experience at all, and end up sought after coaches about to open their very own Performance360.

The maintenance of the P360 culture depends on people just like you. If being a part of en elite team in something outside of yourself interests you, then we encourage you to reach out: Tell us here.