P360 Olympics V


Day: Saturday, August 10th @ Crown Point
Time: 7:30 am – 1:30 pm (subject to change once roster is finalized)
For Whom: All Members, All Levels (this is a members only event, but non members may attend as spectators)

While this is a competition, this day is more about coming together as a community, putting your best foot forward, and discovering your individual strength and ability. All in support alongside one another. Every Olympics, we’ve had over 50 competitors ranging all levels, and every last one would tell you it was a great decision.


We encourage everyone to come out and enjoy the festivities. We’ll have food, drinks, and some lawn games going for all of the spectators.

Come support your fellow members, cheer them on, and have some fun with your community.


**All events are subject to change and adjustment based on final roster numbers.**

All (4) events will award points to the top twelve places. There will be scaled options as needed.


Both strength events will have a top twelve in ABSOLUTE score (your total lift) and a top twelve in RELATIVE score (your total lift based on body weight). So, your body weight will play into the scoring.

Event 1: Athletic Strength

Find a 1R Max Clean & Jerk and Pull-Up Max. 

Any version of clean and jerk accepted (ie. hang clean, push jerk, etc).

Details on pull-up bonus points will be explained in person. 

Event 2: Absolute Strength

Find a 1R Deadlift max.

Any form of deadlift accepted.

You may back Squat if you are unable to deadlift. Email Dave@Perform-360.com to inquire about an exemption. Your # total will not be given any different or special scoring treatment. 


Event 3: Endurance Long 

25 Barbell Complex (95#/65#)
1.2 Mile Run

There will be a scaled version offered.

Event 4: Endurance Short

400m Row
8 Over-the-Erg Burpees
8 OH KB Swing (53#/35#)

There will be a scaled version offered.


To register for P360 Olympics V, fill out the information below. By doing so, this reserves you a participant roster spot.

If for any reasons your plans change, you will need to let us know by emailing: Dave@Perform-360.com

2019 Olympics Registration


Participation in all events required. No exceptions.

Performance360 members only.

You may leave when it is not your heat and come back when it is.

You must be present at closing ceremonies.

Have fun, hit some bests, celebrate.


Let’s call this section what it is, the “I’m nervous and need a push” section.

Is their age division?
Nah. We don’t roll that way. Besides, the winners have always been over 30. Still waiting for a young buck to step up and capture a title 🙂

Are the workouts scaled?
The ones that need to be, yes. But the spirit of the events is that that they are designed to be accessible for nearly any level of competitor.

How does the day work?
There will be (4) events that each have heats of 10-12 people at a time. The heats are anywhere from 15-20 minutes. When it’s not your heat, you can chill, hang out, eat some food. Or, you can take off and come back when you’re up. We’ll be posting heat times the night before the event.

You are personally looking at about one total hour of exercise on the day (spread throughout the day).

Should I participate if I am dealing with injuries?
Probably not. Be smart.

How will winners be determined?
There is a STRENGTH category and a MIXED SKILL category. Each category has two events. Four events total in the day. Each event will award points to the Top 12 in both male and female, ultimately leading to a final standings of:

TOP 6 OVERALL: Combined gender, total points. Top 3 make the final champion’s podium.
TOP 6 MALE AND FEMALE OVERALL: Separate gender winners, total points
TOP 6 STRENGTH CATEGORY, MALE & FEMALE: Separate genders, total points in just the strength category.
TOP 6 MIXED SKILL, MALE & FEMALE: Separate genders, total points in just the mixed skill category.

Crush it at lifting but can’t run without collapsing? Compete anyway, and snag some hardware in the strength category. Have endurance like Prefontaine but liftin ain’t your thing? Compete anyway, and snag some hardware in the mixed skill category.

Don’t care about any of this? You just want to have some foot, hit some PRs and hang with rad folk? Great! You’re the person who is ideal for this. We’ll see you there.

Should I keep over thinking it if my question isn’t on this list?
You know the answer.