Interested in learning Olympic Weightlifting and other weightlifting movements?

Olympic Weightlifting is the most dynamic set of movements in that the benefits are applicable to anyone and everyone, whether you are trying to increase your strength, lean out, become more athletic, or just become a better functioning human being.

Olympic Weightlifting San Diego

Performance360 offers a varying amount of Olympic Weightlifting in our PSC (Progressive Strength & Conditioning) classes along with varying other weightlifting modalities, which focusses on the technique of the more complex movements. Benefits of Olympic Lifting include:

  • Increase Raw Strength
  • Body Composition (Reduce Body Fat, Increase Lean Muscle)
  • Athleticism
  • Increased Mobility and Flexibility
  • Increased Power Output
  • Increased Cardiovascular Performance
  • Training Efficiency

You will never be pushed to progress faster than your body allows and will be coached the entire way by our USA Weightlifting Certified coaching staff.

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