Olympic Weightlifting & Powerlifting Competition Prep

Some accomplishments from Performance360 Coaches and Athletes:

  • USAW Fortius Halloween Open, Bronze (2017)
  • USAW Juggernaut Weightlifting Open, Silver (2017)
  • USAPL Juggernaut Powerlifting Open, Bronze (2017)
  • USPA Powerlifting Open, Silver (2016)
  • USAPL Nationals, 5th Place (2017)
  • 5th Place, IPL Worlds, (2016)
  • USAW Fortius Open, Gold (2017)

About our Coaches:

Coaches Julianne and Brenna are among the few credentialed Level 2 USA Weightlifting Advanced Sport Performance and Weightlifting Certifications. Coach Brenna is one of California’s strongest female powerlifters and has qualified for Nationals in consecutive years and Coach Julianne has medaled in both Powerlifting and Weightlifting competitions, and both have coached athletes to similar results.


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Coaching Options

Congrats to P360 Weightlifting

8 Weeks of Programming:

You’ll be provided a full 8-week pre-competition programming schedule to follow every day leading up to the competition.

“Day of” Coaching:

The coach will be there with you on the day of your competition, coaching you and helping you select your weights for each lift.

Packaged Discount: 8 Week Programming + Day of Coaching

Your Coaches:

Brenna Bulach

Julianne Russell P360 Coach Personal Trainer

Brenna Bulach, Powerlifting

Brenna is one of the most accomplished female powerlifters in the country, and is the true version of a coach who leads by example. The only personality traits that rival her soft spoken, kind demeanor are her physical strength and ability to commit. She is one of the few USAW Level 2 coaches in the country, is a USPA Raw Powerlifter with IPL Elite Powerlifter ranking and a 5th place finish at the IPL Worlds. Brenna has tested her mettle in the world of competition and come out a winner. An all around athlete in almost every way, Brenna lives a life of fulfilled physical potential and passes on encouragement for those that she coaches to do the exact same.

P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC)
USA Weightlifting, Level 2
USAPL Nationals, 2017
5th Place, IPL Worlds, 2016
USPA State Referee
IPL Elite Raw Designation
Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics
Collegiate Volleyball

Julianne Russell, Weightlifting

Julianne is the genuine article, has medaled in multiple lifting meets, and one of only a handful of USAW Level 2 coaches in the country. A consummate teacher through and through, Julianne has experienced all of the failures and successes that come with physical transformation. There is nothing at our gym that Julianne cannot coach, no difficult experience she cannot speak to, and no person she cannot reach. Julianne is the glue that binds Performance360 and the gasoline that’s doused on the fire, daily.

P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC), Head Coach
USA Weightlifting, Level 2
FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)
USAW Fortius Halloween Open, Bronze (2017)
USAW Juggernaut Weightlifting Open, Silver (2017)
USAPL Juggernaut Powerlifting Open, Bronze (2017)
USPA Powerlifting Open, Silver (2016)
Nicole Zapoli Gymnastics
ERY-T 200
7000 HR Yoga
100 HR Happy Back

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