A new month brings up recognition for the previous.  As always, our staff huddles up over email and each coach nominates a man and woman who they felt displayed work ethic, consistency and a positive attitude over the previous month.  This is a vote that we take very seriously and are always incredibly proud to award each person.  Congratulations to the following October winners!

Stephanie Daniel

Steph has been incredibly consistent since the first day she joined P360, making it known right away she had a huge desire to get better and really excel in all areas of her training.  Along with her husband Craig, she competed in the recent P360 Olympics but did so as a complete beginner.  This earned her a ton of respect amongst her peers and coaches as the willingness to make yourself vulnerable and compete against others and yourself is the epitome of progress at P360.  As a cherry on top, Steph also completed her first triathlon in the month of October.  She is always asking questions and very willing to receive feedback in all aspects of class, making her a unanimous choice amongst the coaches this month.

How old are you and where are you from? 31, from Yuma, AZ and recently moved to SD in January

What do you do for work? I am a radiologic technologist (fancy word for xray tech) at Rady Childrens Hospital

What do you do for fun? When I am not at work I enjoy being active and eating damn good food! My husband Craig and I love to cook and entertain people. If we aren’t at the gym, we are most likely concocting something delicious to eat for our friends and family!

What motivates you each day? To be a better version of myself than I was the day before. Also, a little shout out to my husband Craig who is one of my biggest fans and also an extreme competitor. He is always pushing me to my limits and encouraging me at the same time! Lastly and most importantly Performance 360. I have to say, prior to moving to San Diego and joining 360 I was in a bit of a workout rut. Since joining, my passion is back in full force! I love the commodore and encouragement I get from the coaches and members of this gym! Being a former college athlete, I have always excelled being in a group of motivated people with the same goals in mind. To say the least, in the 11 months I have been a member I also have gained 10 pounds of muscle, reached PR’s I didn’t think possible and gained some pretty amazing friends.

What are your favorite and least favorite movements? My Least favorite exercise hands down is snatches, my form is questionable to say the least but it’s a work in progress and I am truly thankful for the knowledge I have gained in this last year from my coaches. As a newbie to Olympic lifting, I feel truly grateful for the amount of detail our gym gives to each member and becoming proficient in what we do. As far as my favorite goes, I would have to say Clean and Jerks. There is something about lifting heavy weight overhead that makes me feel like a badass!

What is the most valuable bit of coaching you have received at P360? I truly value Coach Robby’s attention to detail to each member he coaches as well as his sense of humor. There isn’t a day I leave his class without giggling. Also, coach Caitlin rocks! She always has such a positive attitude and is one I truly look up to in and out of the gym!

What is your most proud moment at the gym so far? I am most proud of being a part of the Olympics this year (I was on the fence about participating in general) and actually getting through it all and placing in the top 12 in one of the events made me realize I am capable of more than I think.

If money was no concern what would your dream job be? I think that I would be completely comfortable being a judge on Chopped on the Food Network. I wouldnt mind judging and eating delicious food all day. Just sayin. Although I’m sure they make more money than I could ever dream of. We can always dream…

Most embarrassing fact that most people don’t know about you? I was such a tomboy (being raised with all boy cousins will do that) that I had a flat top haircut in grade school didn’t wear a dress until my 8th grade graduation.

Hidden talent that most people don’t know? I can name any classic rock song that comes on the radio. I should have been born in 60’s.

If you were an Ice Cream flavor, what would it be and why? Mint chocolate chip. Reason… Its the best. Enough said.

Famous person you’d like to have a drink with and what it would be? Gary Oldman, from Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He is an amazing actor and it is one of my all time favorite movies. Ya I know I’m weird. And I would obviously buy him a Bloody Mary, because it’s totally fitting.

Which public figure or celebrity needs to go away? How about the entire Kardashian family? They are a waste of space on public television.

One song, one movie, on TV show on a desert island…Go! The first song that comes to mind is Lola Montez from Volbeat, maybe because I hear it at the gym and it kinda pumps me up and also just because it’s a good Jam. Movie, Little Mermaid. I know all the songs by heart. TV show, Sons of Anarchy. Two words Jax Teller.

If you could teleport to any time in the past, what would it be? To my childhood, I have the best memories growing up. Playing ball, no worries, just having fun with my friends. I sure miss those days.

Favorite cheat meal? THAI VILLAGE CHICKEN AVOCADO CURRY. If u haven’t tried it, your missing out.

Biggest overall improvement since joining P360? Aesthetically speaking, my husband may say the booty! Where there once was nothing now there is… haha! Personally, I am most proud of my overall strength and endurance I have gained. I never thought I would be capable of what I have within this past year. From the Olympics, to completing my first Triathlon, I have been so happy to be apart of such a motivated and fun group! Thanks guys!

Nick Brewton

Nick has rarely missed an 11 am or noon class over the last month as he prepares to enter the BUD/S training program.  Ratcheting up his training to twice per day in preparation, Nick has constantly sought questions from his coaches on the smartest and most effective way to prepare.  Constantly pushing himself physically, Nick is just a 300# squat away from Level 4 Barbell Club.  Nick is quiet, but always engaging with his station partners and always pushing them in a positive way.  Like Steph, Nick was a unanimous vote amongst the coaching staff for October male member of the month because of his work ethic, goal setting and positivity.


Age, where are you from? 33, backwoods of Louisiana

What do you do for work (or school)? Aircraft Rescue Firefighter, US NAVY

What do you do for fun? Anything that involves me being on, in or under the ocean.

What motivates you each day? The damn amazing people that surround me in my everyday life.

Favorite and least favorite exercise? Bar bending deadlifts are my favorite and dreaded squats are my least favorite.  I know I know.

What’s the most valuable bit of coaching you’ve received at P360? Understanding the concept of generating power from your hips.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far? Competing in the P360 Olympics. It was a damn brutal day.

If money was no concern, what would be your dream job? Chef

Embarrassing fact most people don’t know? I am gigantic nerd, geek out over comics, scifi, physics etc.

Hidden talent most people don’t know? If I read it I remember it forever, they call me Brewgle.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why? Ben and Jerry’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch bc Ron F%@king Burgundy that’s why.

If you could teleport to any point in the past, where would you go? The 1960s in SoCal. The music, the beginning of surf culture, and oh yea the free lovin.

Favorite cheat meal? Krispy Kreme donut bun bacon cheeseburgers.

What’s the biggest overall improvement you had made since joining? Proper technique on all of my lifts, getting away from just muscling it up.

Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them? Hunter S Thompson and some good ole Wild Turkey

If you could retire and live one place, where would it be? Phuket, Thailand

Which public figure or celebrity needs to go away? I have 535 folks that need to be slapped, all members of the US Congress.

You have one song, one movie and one TV show a desert island are they? All Along the Watchtower, Dazed and Confused, McGuyver because damnit, if he can’t help me get off the island then I am screwed.

What is your biggest goal for the rest of 2013? Level 4 Barbel Club, Sub 5:45 mile


Congratulations again to Nick and Steph!  Make sure to throw them a pat on the back next time you see them around the gym!