BecomeMore Nutrition Systems

BecomeMore Nutrition Systems

BecomeMore Nutrition Systems is our own carefully formulated 12-week plan intended to set you up with results for life. Yes, for life.

While many nutrition programs focus on failed challenge due to lack of habit formation, at Performance360 your transformation will be centered around knowledge, routine, and empowerment from education.

The FREE eBook

Download the FREE BecomeMore Nutrition Systems eBook. In it, you will find.

    • (3) 4-Week Blocks, each with it’s own assignments and single goal.
    • Your caloric baseline and personal macronutrient breakdown.
    • Approved foods to fuel physique and performance.
    • Education on why your scale sucks, hydration, sleep, and other critical lifestyle components.

The In-Person Coaching Experience

Using the PICS Principle to Set Better Goals

Group Nutrition Coaching is a 10-Week Block broken down into three phases.

  1. HABIT

Group coaching students will have access to the following:

**Thursday Evening Nutrition Class: 5:30 pm, Crown Point

**Small, Weekly Goals: Leave every class with action items for the week.

**Weekly Body Scans: Tangible progress measurement with lean body mass and body fat percentage.

**Group Accountability: In-person during class + online Facebook page.

**Performance Benchmarks: Measurable impact that nutrition has on your output. We want you to focus on how you feel just as much, if not more, as how you look.

About Coach ASHLEY

Ashley Pritz Coach Performance360Ashley is a Certified Nutrition Coach through the prestigious Precision Nutrition Program.

With eight years experience in functional fitness as an athlete and coach, past experience competing on stage, and undergraduate education in Nutrition, Coach Ashley brings a balanced and well-rounded perspective based on doing what’s right for each person and creating a sustainable, healthy approach.

Coach Ashley does not believe in short-term results at the cost of health, crash and burn diets, cleanses, or any other form of illusory results.


Current Program: 1/10 – 3/21

–Registration is currently closed as our current 10-Week Block is underway.

Next Available Program Enrollment: April

Cost: $199 + membership

–This program is not available to non-members.

Email to get on the waitlist. Spots are limited and will sell out in a matter of days.