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Become More Nutrition Systems is not your typical slash and crash “diet” plan where someone tells you that you’re favorite foods are off limits and you have to eat 1,200 calories per day.

Our nutrition coaching is offered in both GROUP and INDIVIDUAL formats and is all about reconstructing your habits through simple steps. It delivers results. It is life changing. And most importantly – it is sustainable.

Never diet again. Enroll today and Become More™.

Coach Emily & Coach Ashley, CNC, Pn2

“I prefer to meet people where they’re at with their nutrition and focus on cleaning up basic habits that lead to great results. Everyone is unique and I focus on really getting to know what each client’s individual challenges are.”

Credentials: Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2, National Academy of Sports Medicine Nutrition Coaching


All services include weekly access to our InBody Scan Technology to set a physique baseline and ensure you are on track towards your goals. 

4-8wk Group Coaching

Groups of 10 – 25 clients follow Coach Emily in an 4-8wk, guided plan that layers habits and builds progressive results.

NEXT GROUP STARTS: TBD (2nd half of 2023)

Individual Coaching

Work 1-on-1 directly with Coach Emily or Coach Ashley. They will formulate a plan for you, help you with accountability and follow up with you regularly to ensure success.


For those of you who would like a starting point to determine your ideal strategy with nutrition and training to reach your specific goals.


Meet with Coach Emily for a baseline body composition scan to better understand your physique and health, and learn how to use our InBody Scan Machine once per month on your own.


If you would like to discuss your baseline readings and set specific goals, coach Emily can help you strategize next steps and how to execute upon those.


These 60-Minute consultations are in person or over the phone and include actionable steps specific to your goals. If you don’t want to commit to full on coaching, this is a great first step.

Custom Pricing

For those who want someone there for them without full on, in depth coaching. Emily will provide (2) 30-minute phone calls per month to help steer you towards your goals. This can be customized to your needs and pricing will be based on what level of support/help is needed.

Brigid M. // -4.7% body fat

Become More Nutrition Systems

“I now look at food and nutrition differently after completing this program and feel I got a crash course in nutritional knowledge I will forever take with me. It has definitely changed my outlook for the better and that I have learned how to apply the new knowledge to my daily life moving forward. Plus, random people at the gym have told me my arms and back look muscular and that has also been great :)”

Joe W. // +6 pounds muscle // -3% body fat

“I’m up six pounds of muscle and down 3% body fat without really dramatically changing anything in my lifestyle other just than just some slightly better nutrition habits. I learned about portion sizing and how to ensure I am getting enough foods, especially carbs. I have a lot more energy especially around the 2 or 3 pm sluggishness.”


Symphony S.
-7% body fat

Nick L.
-4.4% body fat
+10 pounds muscle

Meg Y.
-4% body fat 

Shelby S.
-5.5% body fat
+8 pounds muscle

Andrew K.
-3.8% body fat