6wk Nutrition Rehab

Select your alumni remote bundle

Our 6wk Nutrition Rehab offers the following tiers of service exclusively for our P360 alumni and remote clients:


Our turnkey do-it-yourself bundle. Get alumni-only free access to your preference of Become More Nutrition Systems (BMNS) goal-focused guides:

  • Level 1 Fat Loss (Habits)
  • Level 2 Fat Loss (Prescriptions)
  • Muscle and Performance (w/ both Level 1 and Level 2 options)

This plan does not include coaching or access to the InBody body composition analysis.

The perfect plan for those who don’t feel they need any help, who are relatively confident in taking the direction from their BMNS guide and implementing it on their own. 

ESSENTIAL, $16/week

  • Your choice of BMNS goal focused guide +
  • Access to accountability and support groups +
  • Weekly assignments and focus from Coach Ashley

The perfect plan for those who thrive with just the right amount of accountability in a group setting without any need for one-on-one attention. 

PREMIUM, $33/week

  • Everything in the ESSENTIAL package +
  • Direct communication with Nutrition Coach Ashley
  • Individualized weekly check-ins for enhanced support and accountability

The perfect plan for those who prefer the most coaching attention, who appreciate a personalized check in each week to trouble challenges and needs specific for them. 


Not interested in a group coaching template and instead want to work hands on with a Coach with a plan that is specifically tailored and customized for you? Daily check ins, real time updating, and follow through to ensure you are reaching your goals in a format that’s entirely about you? 

You’re probably a candidate for 12wk Individual Coaching. 

To get started, email Bryan to set-up an initial phone call to discuss your needs.

Click HERE to Email Bryan to set-up an initial phone call

2. Which BMNS Guide is Right for Me?

Fat Loss, Level 1 (Habits)

Become More Nutrition Level 1 Fat Loss

The Level 1 Fat Loss bundle is for those who need to first develop sound nutrition habits before entering the complicated world of caloric or macro prescription. 

Using a series of foundational habit creation, the L1 plan will help kickstart fat loss and improve body composition without the stress and hassle of counting or tracking apps.

This plan is for me if:

* I am not comfortable counting calories or macros or simply prefer not to.

* I do better with simple concepts rather than detailed specifics.

* I need to reset my habits and develop a clean slate after a tough year. 

* I want or need to learn the basics of healthy nutrition in a way that isn’t awful.

Fat Loss, Level 2 (Prescriptions)

Become More Nutrition Level 2 Fat Loss

The Level 2 Fat Loss bundle is for those who are very comfortable with their habits and are ready or prefer to follow a more mathematical approach to nutrition. 

Building upon the healthy habits established in Level 1, these clients will follow a precise caloric or macro prescription and consistently track their success. 

This plan is for me if:

* I prefer numbers and precise details.

* I am already making 80% of my meals at home with healthy foods.

* I am confident in my sleep and hydration. 

* I understand the general concepts around tracking my food using an app like MyFitnessPal. 

Muscle and Performance

Become More Nutrition Muscle and Performance

The Muscle and Performance guide is for those who want to exclusively focus on gaining muscle and boosting their performance. It offers both a Level 1 (habits) and Level 2 (prescriptions) approach in an all-inclusive delivery.

This plan is for me if:

* I want to add functional muscle as my primary goal.

* I am ready to eat more than I am likely used to.


Symphony S.
-7% body fat

Nick L.
-4.4% body fat
+10 pounds muscle

Meg Y.
-4% body fat 

Shelby S.
-5.5% body fat
+8 pounds muscle

Andrew K.
-3.8% body fat