Now Hiring – HQ Director of Brand Content

We are very excited to be hiring for the following position at Performance360™ HQ. For the complete job listing, please click here.

Director of Brand Content

Are you great at storytelling? Do you have a passion for videography and photography? Do you love social media and content creation? If so, then we have an amazing opportunity to join our growing Performance360 HQ team.

Get to work in fitness, have your office be the gym, and your subjects be our wonderful coaches, members, and executive team, all while building content and telling the P360 story.

Content Categories

  • Videography – Capturing raw videos in the gym for various brand purposes.
  • Produced Projects – Produce content into a final brand video using Adobe Premiere Pro (or similar tool).
  • Photography – Capturing and editing gym photos to be used for various brand purposes.

Preferred Candidates

  • Podcast Production – The ability to film and record podcasts from several angles and produce micro content from them for brand use. This is not a required skill but candidates who possess it will be prioritized.
  • Lighting – Candidates with lighting kits will be strongly preferred.

Required Skills & Equipment

  • Camera Kit – Must have high end camera kit
  • Sound Capturing Kit – Must be equipped to capture high quality sound
  • Post Production Software – Must be highly skilled in Adobe Premiere Pro or comparable software.


  • Trial: This position will start with 1-2 trial projects compensated in an a la carte manner. Should we like your work, the position will then start full-time.
  • Compensation: $58,000 annually

How to Apply: 

Submit your resume, video work examples, and other relative work to


We will consider self employed candidates who maintain their own private photography or content creation business so long as it does not interfere with work required by Performance360 HQ.