Each month our coaches huddle up and discuss names we all nominate for Member of the Month.  We then vote and decide on a winner, and we are very pleased to present our November members of the month award to the following deserving individuals.

Clint Atkinson

Clint has been a P360 member for quite some time now, historically training during P360 Outdoor with sporadic indoor appearances.  Clint first caught our attention by working extremely hard during the 45 Day Summer Challenge and dropping 14 pounds in just over a month.  Keeping the weight off, Clint took his game indoors and has been pushing himself on strength and performance, surprising everyone with a 330# 2-rep back squat out of the blue and steadily progressing on all of his lifts.  Throw in a recent 6:38 mile time, and Clint is a fine example of the well rounded results one can achieve at P360, and we are very proud to have him with us.


Get to Know Clint

Age, where are you from?  30, Grand Rapids, Michigan

What do you do for work (or school)? Entertainment Manger at Landau Music; I hire Musicians to work on Cruise Ships.

What do you do for fun?  I love playing Kickball, watching College Sports, and having drinks with friends.

What motivates you each day?  Interacting with people. Looking forward to the next time I get to see family or friends, and planning travel adventures.
Favorite and least favorite exercise? Favorites: Front Squat and Wall Push-ups. Least Favorite: Long runs. And short runs.

What’s the most valuable bit of coaching you’ve received at P360? The first of P360’s 10 Principles: Crawl -> Walk -> Run -> Sprint -> Conquer.  Spending the first two months on the Fat-Loss track and going to Outdoor Classes taught my body the proper movements to prepare me for Performance lifts down the road.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far?  6:38 mile.

If money was no concern, what would be your dream job?  Social Host at a retirement community. Drive a golf cart, organize bingo, shuffle board and Bridge tournaments for mature-adults.

Embarrassing fact most people don’t know?  Rudy makes me almost cry. So does the stampede scene in Lion King.

Hidden talent most people don’t know?  I was a professional singer, and I’m very good at Connect Four.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?  Moose Tracks. Funny name, delicious ice cream.

If you could teleport to any point in the past, where would you go?  March 26th, 1979, Salt Lake City. To watch Magic Johnson and Michigan State University play Larry Bird and Indiana State in the NCAA Basketball finals.

Favorite cheat meal?  Wake & Bake (fried) fish sandwich from Bare Back with extra coleslaw.
What’s the biggest overall improvement you had made since joining?  My clothes fit the way they should, and I’m excited to set and achieve new goals every month.

Famous person you’d most like to have a drink with, and what drink would you buy them?  Arnold Palmer and John Daly; an Arnold Palmer and a John Daly, and ask them to discuss their drinks.

If you could retire and live one place, where would it be?  San Diego.

Which public figure or celebrity would you like to put in a dunk tank?  Anyone that would rather tweet their complaints, rather than take action and make the world a better place in real life.

You have one song, one movie and one TV show a desert island are they? Shower The People – James Taylor, Aladdin, Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes, full heart…

What is your biggest goal for the rest of 2014? Level 2 for Fat Loss & Barbell, and Level 1 Prison Yard.

Thanks, again, to all the coaches for their encouragement and instruction; it’s appreciated and one of the main ingredients in all of our successes.

Rebekah Sylvester

Rebekah joined us a few months ago and has made it very clear from her first day that she intends to accomplish a lot of goals! Always very receptive to coaching and feedback, Rebekah is constantly on alert, asking questions and trying to hit numbers on everything that she does.  Rebekah recently hit a 315# barbell total (deadlift + jerk) putting her into women’s Level 1 Barbell Club.


Rebekah pictured right.

Get to Know Rebekah

I am beyond elated by opening this email!! I can not say enough how much the last few months at P360 has meant to me and how inspired and excited I am every single day that I step foot in that gym. THANK YOU:) This is a complete honor and surprise:)

Age, where are you from? I am 33..sigh, but no one believes me and I am hoping to have to pull my ID out for years to come to prove that in fact, I am truly 33. I was born and raised in the middle of no where outside of Asheville, NC in a place called Hot Springs, NC (this is strictly the address for the Post Office..there was no city) on a 125 acre certified organic farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a magical place:) There is a natural Hot Springs there along the French Broad river and there is nothing better than sitting in one of the tubs when snow is pouring down all around.(Yes, I can drive tractors, bail hay, can/preserve anything grown in a garden and chop firewood like nobody’s business)

What do you do for work (or school)?  I work for UCSD Medical Center and Scripps Hospital as a Senior Nursing Tech. Basically a fancy name for a lot of dirty work; but I work in the ICU mostly and thanks to getting my first Bachelors degree in psychology…I am working on getting my second in Nursing. I’ve done CPR on many patients that were coding and have broken ribs in the process but was a part of bringing them back. I live for the rush and currently I’m in the process of waiting on hearing back from several nursing programs. My near future goals after finishing school (again) are to work in trauma and eventually flight nursing. I absolutely love the medical field and never lose the facsination for what the human body can survive. I literally will spend minutes listening to my own heart with a stethoscope. Geek alert.

What do you do for fun?  My idea of fun typically involves high adventure/high activity adventures. As many of you probably have figured out, I run; A LOT. This past year my goals included running 12 half marathons in 12 months. Thanks to scheduling conflicts, I’ve managed only 9 half marathons in the last 10 months and 19 races total. I like to collect medals and bragging rights…and truly, somehow I actually love distance running. Favorite non-running ‘fun’ things for me have been in Zion National Park and snowboarding in piles of powder all over the PNW. I also really enjoy live music and have come to terms with my budget being divided into: races, music concerts and food.

What motivates you each day?  I am motivated by the people I am surrounded by every day. More than anything, I am motivated by people with physical disabilities who have overcome the giant obstacles thrown at them and still can kick my ass on any given day in any given sport. People like that are the reason that every time I want to complain or whine, I give myself an internal slap and hear my Dad saying as he did my entire childhood, ‘buck up baby!’ Also, since joining P360, I am highly motivated by good, no great coaching. If you had told me I could dead-lift 230 lbs 6 months ago or done a fraction of the things I have accomplished personally in the gym, I would have rolled my eyes at you and laughed. You guys literally have inspired me to become more. No hashtag necessary. :)

What are your favorite and least favorite exercises?  My favorite exercise right now is split jerk. I spent weeks avoiding it and then when I finally stopped avoiding it and tried it, couldn’t get enough. I never thought I could actually be coordinated enough to pull it off without chucking the bar at a coach or disabling myself in the process. I also really like hang cleans:) Least favorite: You thought I was going to say burpees, didn’t you? WRONG! I think that hell trots are worse. More than 10 are the destruction of my mental and physical self and we all know there are at least 25+ every time they are part of a workout….that is 15 more than I would ever like to do. The end.

What is the most valuable bit of coaching you have received so far?  The most valuable coaching I have received would have to be from Robby. I’m not even sure I can summarize ONE sentence that sums it up, but he makes me think past picking up a bunch of weight. He always gets my brain thinking about the details of a lift and the mechanics that often get tossed out when you are about to go hard. The general consensus is that I am capable of these things and need to get out of my own way. I am absolutely my own biggest holdup because I think rather than giving myself credit for what can be. So far my proudest achievement has been getting in to Barbell Level 1. I decided one night in open gym that it was about time to see my name on the wall, and that was that. I really wish someone got a video of my happy dance after I accomplished that goal…it was way more epic than the lifts, haha. I can’t wait to smash some new goals!

What would be your dream job if money was no concern? If money was no concern, I would like to travel the world, climbing mountains and jumping out of helicopters into epic powder and backpacking through jungles. I would also like it to be crossed with really really good food. So an adventuring foodie girl on the go. Sort of like the amazing race but less stressful. Who’s hiring for that?? I also will say that I actually really love the work I do but would like to do that on the side of my adventures for free as volunteer work rather than the corporate grind.

What’s an embarrassing fact most people don’t know about you? My most embarrassing fact? haha, My Dad who I am visiting with as I write this was thrilled to contribute to this, and provided photo evidence as well. When I was little, I would sit on the kids potty and sing my little heart out all while strumming away on a blue smurf guitar. My music career was very promising. T Swift is lucky my guitar finally broke. And no, I have not attached the photo but I promise that it most def exists. In adult life…I’m generally pretty forgetful, which includes leaving my wallet in the middle of the San Diego airport a few days ago and not realizing until I was 35,000 in the air. If I weren’t so forgetful, I may have a better ‘most embarrassing moment” for you…but I don’t remember them..whoops

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? If I were an ice cream flavor, I would not be ice cream, I would be gelato. Salted Caramel. That Talenti gelato in the clear container is highly dangerous. Which is why I would be that flavor..sweet, a little salty and highly dangerous. That’s basically me already.. beware;)

If you could teleport to anywhere, anytime, where would you go?  If I could teleport to anywhere in the past, I would like to be at the 1972 Olympic Trials when Steve Prefontaine got the American record in the 5000m. Not only was he an inspiring and incredible runner, that was also the same trials that my Uncle ran with him and broke his foot and his running career went from running into cycling instead. That time was the ‘running boom’ and it would have been epic to see him racing in person.

Favorite cheat meal?  Does pie count as a meal? It could be any kind of pie.. I’m a southern girl so pecan pie runs pretty high up there on the list. But as far as a meal goes, Bojangles Cajun Chicken Biscuit and seasoned fries and all the fried okra I can dip in ranch and honey mustard. For those of you poor unfortunate souls that do not know what Bojangles is…I’m sorry. Maybe lucky for me and my fitness and yours that it doesn’t even exist west of the Mississippi. When I fly back East to see my family, my brother shows up with this evil cheat in hand.

What is your most proud achievement at P360 so far? I think my biggest overall improvement at P360 would be learning to lift correctly and appreciate how much it is helping my running and other fitness. The biggest improvement for me would be dropping over 12 lbs of ‘skinny fat’ and seeing muscle definition in my abs that I thought was impossible to see in my first 2 months since joining. Being a almost strict runner I’ve been fit but not to the level I am already realizing is a possibility. I’ve been taking progression pictures of myself and was shocked. I DO have abs! holy sh#t!!

If you could retire in one place, where would it be?  Hmmm, this is tough. I feel like I haven’t traveled enough outside of the US to know if this is my final answer but…I LOVE Vancouver, BC. I would have a giant amazing cabin with sprawling decks for the summer and giant fireplaces for the winter and I would snowboard my life away at Whistler all while taming mountain lions and tigers (Ligers…) I love places that have mountains and water. I love San Diego, but I need some seasons if I have to spend the rest of my life in this retirement choice:) This is not my final answer.

If I could have a drink with anyone ‘famous’ person? I believe I would pick Buddha. And since the drink was not specified to be alcoholic, I would buy him a large steaming pot of Gen-Mai-Cha tea. I imagine we would be sitting on giant floor pillows overlooking some water surrounded in bamboo & lots of cool plants and stones, and I would attempt to be still and peaceful for once in my entire life. If this were anyone else, I would have bought them whiskey, no question.

If you could send one celebrity to a dunk tank, who would it be? the entire Kardashian family. Or anyone else who makes bagillions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing worthwhile. Why are people like that even relevant??!!

If you had one song, movie and show on a desert island? One Song: Carolina by Eric Church (He went to my college in NC with me…it’s my claim to fame haha) This is a REALLY difficult question since as I stated above a third of my money is spent on concerts.. and I would prefer that I got like a top 10 option. just saying’ Fake Empire by the National is another fave, and Comeback Story by Kings of Leon. And…fine, I’ll stop.

One Movie: Slumdog Millionaire. I can’t get over how amazing this movie is; maybe ever. Also a second option would be Crash. Not that I was given the option for seconds buuuut..you’re welcome

TV: can I trade this option for another favorite song? I’m not huge on TV shows and when asked if I could watch just one on an island there are none that come to mind that I couldn’t live without..I like Homeland a lot though and Nashville

What is your biggest goal for the rest of 2013? Well, dang, I missed that already. I’m guessing that is for 2014. I don’t have much time left in this year, but I want to work my way into more levels of accomplishment at P360 for sure. Strict pull-ups elude me..and I’m determined to end that shortly. I have recognized the places I am weak and want to focus on balancing out those places with those that are stronger. Staying injury free has become a very important goal for me even if that means letting go of faster times or actually finding rest time.
In the coming months aside from fitness and strength I am hoping to get in to a Nursing program I’ve applied to and further my education. I want to continue to find adventure and new experiences that leave me wanting more. I want to build my peers up around me and be the best person I can be in each moment. Cliche? nah..that’s just me. :)