We will have an abridged schedule of class starting on Friday afternoon through the end of the weekend.  Our coaches have been working their butts off this Summer and Fall, and ownership is going to reward them with a weekend retreat to Big Bear.  Thanks for your understanding.

Monday, 11/17

Daily Challenge: “Delta”

Format: 3-Tier


5 x 3 Back Squat

5/s Step Ups
10 Barbell Curls
30’/sd Side Plank
(10 min)

300m Medley

Power Hour, 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Paused Back Squats 5 x 5

Touch and Go Clean & Jerk, 5 x 2 (jerk the second rep only)

Tuesday, 11/18


Tuesday is Bring-A-Friend Day!  Bring a friend to any class and if they join you’ll both get 50% off your month!

Daily Challenge: “Tripwire”

Format: Partner Workout.

With a partner, complete the following reps in the scheme listed in italics.

Partner A: 10 BB Rows
Partner B: 5 Burpees
Rotate 5 times

5 x 80m Farmer Walks
Rotate 80m until you each do 5

Partner A: 10 Pushups
Partner B: 5 RKB Swings
Rotate 10 times


Wednesday, 11/19


Daily Challenge: “Blue Skies”


5 x 5 Push Press

5 x 3 Hang Snatch
Fat Loss & Conditioning
5/s DB Snatch
5 Box Jumps
100m Row
(x20 minutes)

6 x 10 RKB Swings


P360 Kettlebells: 5 & 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

3 swings
2 clean & press
1 snatch-windmill drop-lunge thruster
3R, 3L

6 heavy goblet squats
4 suitcase deadlift burpees (2R, 2L)

Snatch and pistol practice

Thursday, 11/20


Daily Challenge: “Adios Muchacho”

Format: Partner Ladder

With a partner, complete eat set in reps of 5 trading sets.  I do 5 swings, you do 5 swings. I do 10, you do 10, I do 15, you do 15, I do 20, you do 20.  We move to the next
2 Rounds
A: 5 to 15 Goblet Reverse Lunges (total)
B: 5 to 15 Ring Dips
C: 5 to 15 Partner Leg Throws
D: 5  to 15 Pull-Ups
Once done with A – D, repeat but go from
15 to 5

E: 200m Run x 3 each, relay style

Friday, 11/21


 There will not be evening classes at either location.

Daily Challenge: “Riptide”

Format: 3-Tier

5 x 5 Hang Clean
5 x 2 Power Clean (touch and go)

25 Hell Trots

5 x 100m Sprints

Saturday, 11/22

No classes


Sunday, 11/23

No yoga.

P360 Speed: 9 am
Location: Bonita Cove
12 minutes suicides in grass (EMOM)
Rest 2 full minutes
12 minutes suicides in sand (EMOM)