Monday, 11/10

Daily Challenge: “Iggy Pop”

Format: 3-Tier

5 x 3 Hang Cleans (x8 for beginners)

Then, self time
5 minutes of max burpee reps
Keep track and record on board*

Last, with a partner
A: Sprints 100m in parking lot, jogs back to starting point
B: Does jumping jacks until there turn
Sprints should not exceed 75 – 90% unless you are an experienced athlete

Power Hour, 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Clean & Jerk, 5 x 2

1-Arm Squat Press x 5/s
Kneeling  Jumps x 3

Tuesday, 11/11

Daily Challenge: “Billy Idol”

Format: 25 minutes + team finisher

25 minutes
Front Squat Option*
10 DB Bench Press
30’ Reverse Plank
80m Light Farmer’s Walk

2 x 500m Team Farmer’s Walk

*Performance = 3 Front Squats
*Fat Loss & Conditioning = 10 Goblet Squats

Wednesday, 11/12


Daily Challenge: “David Bowie”
    • Stations: 5
    • Rounds: 3 (90 sec / 60 / 30)
    • Time Between Stations: 0:20
    • Time Between Rounds: 2:00
    • Pace: Go all out on each station taking as little rest as possible, this is fast moving!

1: Max Distance Row
2: Flutter Kicks
3: DB Curls
4: Lateral Burpees*
5: MB Slams

P360 Kettlebells: 5 & 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

5 2h swings
10 shotput swings 5R,5L
10 thrusters 5R,5L

20 figure 8’s
10 forward goblet lunges (total)

50 halos (25 each direction)

Thursday, 11/13


Daily Challenge: “Alice Cooper”

Format: 3-Tier

5 x 3 Deadlift (x8 for beginners)

Then, Self Time for 10 minutes
5/s Bulgarian Split Squats
10 DB Burners
5 Box Jumps
80m Run

25/s Piston KB Jerks (Heavy)*

Friday, 11/14



Daily Challenge: “Nikki Sixx”

Format: Teams of 4 completing each station one at time in order for 40 minutes.  Everyone in the team must complete the A movement one at a time, when you are not on the A movement you perform the stand by movement in sets of 10 until it is your turn.

1: Everyone rows 200m
Stand By: Max Push-Ups

2: Everyone performs 10 pull-ups
Stand By: Max Reverse Crunches

3: Everyone performs 3 speed TGU/side
Stand By: Max X-Sit Ups

4: Everyone performs 20 Ring rows
Stand By: Max BW Squats

5: Everyone performs a 300m sprint
Stand By: Rest

Saturday, 11/15


Daily Challenge: “Keith Moon”

15 minutes
5/s Alternating KB Rows
5 DB Thrusters
5 Chin-Up
200m Run

Bridge Weighted Carry Relay 🙂

In a team of 4
Person 1: Sprints to end of bridge and re-joins group, wherever they are
Person 2: LIGHT Farmer’s Walk
Person 3: Rest/walking
Person 4: LIGHT OH plate carry

Sunday, 11/16

Yoga:  9 am @ P360 Mission Beach
P360 Speed: 9 am @ Kate Sessions Park

AMRAP format / 25 minutes

– hill repeats & park laps

    – sprint up main hill@ base of park

    – at top of main hill run counter-clockwise to base of second hill

    – sprint up second hill

    – at top recovery jog back to base of main hill

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