Written by Noah Cosby
Performance360 Member

I was reflecting on the question, “What motivates me to train?”  It was an interesting question to ask myself because I hadn’t thought about the WHY behind my training in a while.

So, here’s the deal.

The number one reason I’ve always loved training is because success in the gym transfers to success in your life.  The gym is a place that rewards consistency, effort, coachability, discipline, and mental fortitude.

The gym is an environment that continually re-enforces these life virtues.

As we get get older, life’s complexities throw us a lot of curveballs.  Life isn’t fair, people you rely on will disappoint you, your hard work won’t always pay off, you won’t always get what you seemingly deserve.  These things will confuse us.  They will distract us. They make us question our goals and our abilities.

Ultimately we become disempowered.  Somewhere along the way we set our goals and dreams aside and settle for something less than what we really want.

Life makes us compromise.

Noah front squatting.

Noah front squatting.

The gym is where you are reminded that you are in control and you can make happen whatever the hell you want to make happen. If you show up consistently and work hard you see results. This gives us hope. These wins start adding up and we start to believe in ourselves more and more. We learn that we can push through tough challenges. We learn that when something is hard, it makes us stronger.

Every faster step, every added plate, every extra rep is a result of a decision you made to show up, work your ass off, and never give up.

I love training this way because it reminds me that no matter what life throws at me, if I keep showing up, push through the challenge, and give it everything I’ve got then I will achieve my goals. That is how I become more.

I need to continually believe this and the training at the gym always reminds me of this truth.

And lastly, I need to make sure I’m stronger and faster than any of my daughters’ future boyfriends.

Noah Cosby has been a member of Performance360 for four years. 

Performance360 was founded in 2011 and is home to the Type P. With two locations in Pacific Beach, P360 has three times been a finalist for Best Gym in San Diego.