Night Moves, Ep. 6: Quads, Hamstrings & IT Bands

by Julianne Russell
Performance360 Coach, E-RYT 200, 100HR Happy Back Certified Yoga Therapy

In Episode 6 of Coach Julianne’s Night Moves, she leads us through a 16 minute mobility sequence dedicated to the quads, hamstrings & IT bands.

Where Can I Expect to Benefit?
This session is one of the most important Night Moves yet. The quads, hamstrings and IT bands are all interconnected. Their healthy function relies on all parts to carry their weight and move optimally. If any of the three are tight or immobile, your deadlifts, squats and pretty much anything involving the lower body or hinge pattern will be negatively effected.

What Do I Need?
A strap, towel or anything that allows you to make your arms longer.

Session Length:
16m 50s

Have Chronic Lower Back Pain?
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Julianne Russell is a coach at Performance360. She is an ERY-T 200, holds a 100hr Happy Back Certification with physical therapy focus, is the Lead Teacher Trainer at CorePower Yoga and has accumulated 7,000 hours of yoga teaching.