Night Moves, Ep. 2: Lateral Spinal Flexion

by Julianne Russell
Performance360 Coach, E-RYT 200, 100HR Happy Back Certified Yoga Therapy

In Episode 2 of Coach Julianne’s Night Moves, she encourages you to spend 15 minutes stretching your lats and improving your lateral spinal flexion.

Why lateral spinal flexion?
We spend so much time at the computer, sitting down, running. Even at the gym performing movements that hinge or squat, there is rarely any demands on the spine to have to flex laterally. Over time, if we don’t address it, we lose a lot of our mobility in the spine and can become quite stiff and rigid.

Where can I expect to benefit?
Creating space in your sides and low back, and really opening up some of the tightness we get in the lats from everything that we do in the gym.

What happens if I just keep watching TV instead of doing this?
You’ll become more tight and more rigid in the lats, the major upper body performance muscle! This will diminish your gains in the gym and set you up for chronic tightness and immobility, even possible injury down the road. If you are are not careful, tightness in the lats can spread to major joints like the shoulder.


Time estimated to complete:
20 minutes

Have chronic lower back pain?
As always, be sure to check out Julianne’s Lower Back Manifesto.

Julianne Russell is a coach at Performance360. She is an ERY-T 200, holds a 100hr Happy Back Certification with physical therapy focus, is the Lead Teacher Trainer at CorePower Yoga and has accumulated 7,000 hours of yoga teaching.

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