Oh what up 2012?! I can’t believe you are already here, you rascal. You are freaking EARLY to this party!

2011 was arguably the fastest year of my life. I can’t believe it came and went as quickly as it did and considering this is the last year of civilization, we need to make it a good one. So I say, get as strong and lean as you can so when the disaster happens that’s going to end us all, you can make sure the weaklings bite it first.

On that light note! Here are some of the exciting things we have going on in the gym. We have a lot of new contests and roll outs coming your way so make sure to read up on it all.

Facebook Referral Contest

The Facebook contest we ran in October is coming back in full force, this time with more opportunity to earn yourself a membership discount.  For those of you who were not a member back then or if you need a refresher on how it works, you can accumulate points as follows.

  • Refer a new gym member = 20 points (as always, if you refer a new member you get a free month of training on us…ask us details).


This will always be king for getting points since this gym only grows if you guys help us.  You will also earn a ton of points for help spreading the word on social media.

  • “Share” a P360 Facebook post or blog = 3 points
  • Tag “@P360” in one of your posts = 3 points
  • Comment/Like one of our posts = 1 point
  • “Check in” to P360 = 1 point
  • Try P360 in 2012 Invites = 1 point (info below)


(Per last time, this structure may change after the first few days as really have no idea how much we are extending ourselves off the bat.)

We are also rolling out a new addition to the contest.  We’ll be creating a Facebook Event called “Try P360 in 2012”.  You will get 1 point for every friend you get to “attend”.  You would invite your friends just like any event we have, and from there we get as pool of interested potential members.

We are hoping for a repeat of October when we handed out a TON of discounts for the social media help you guys lent us so let’s get the pimpin’ of P360 going and all help each other out.

You will earn the following discount based on accumulated points.

75 points = 10% off
100 points = 20% off
125 points = 30% off

New Class Schedule

We are excited to announce that the 12 noon class will now be run every day of the week starting next week.  As always, we keep classes on the schedule based on a single criterion: attendance.   So, if we want to keep it as a permanent fixture then we’ll need to make sure that attendance stays consistent for those who have been coming.

In addition, we are considering tweaking the morning class schedule to the following.

  • 6:15 am
  • 7:00 am


Please email us your feedback, especially if you are a consistent morning class attender.  Get your voice heard.

Member Shout Outs

‘Beat the Soft’

In case you missed the analysis from the Beat the Soft Holiday Challenge it was pretty remarkable.  Chrissy Perrenoud came away with the $300 cash lottery.

P360 Expansion

Some of you have asked us what we plan on doing when classes start to become more popular over time.  If we plan on expanding the class size, adding more space, etc.

While nothing has happened yet we are extremely pumped to let you guys know that we’ll be taking on more space in the facility probably around February.  There are a few options that may occur on premise but however it nets out will result in substantially more space for you guys.  We never want to turn this gym into assembly line (in fact we refuse to), so this will allow us to grow more in tune with P360 philosophy.

Suggestion Box

We are taking any and all suggestions to make 2012 even better than 2011.  As always, we can’t promise we’ll implement them but we love taking feedback.  That’s how just about every major implementation has occurred at P360 so if you have something in mind than run it by us.  Our door is always open, or in this case our email inbox (Dave@Perform-360.com).

Happy New Year.


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