New Cycle: “Water Works”

This, and every cycle in 2024, will be five weeks in length.

MONDAY: Back Squat
Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max

TUESDAY: Bench Press
Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max, 5′ RKB Row Density

Finals Week: “Chin Music”

THURSDAY: Hang Power Clean
Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max

FRIDAY: Deadlift
Finals Week: Pull-Up Pro Day

SATURDAY: “Game Day”

“San Diego does not hold water well, we all know this. But this has followed P360 around particularly closely across all of our locations. For example, we opened our first location back in 2011 in Mission Beach during what was a big drought period at that time. Rainfall was highly uncommon, maybe 2-3 times per year max. 

We were open for probably 8 or 9 months before we got our first rain, and it was a DOOZY. And I mean, just about instantly the water begin pouring down the walls of the gym. Yes, walls. Not roof. Running down the walls like blood in a horror movie. To make matters even more awesome, at the time, 100% of our walls were covered in chalkboard paint and chalk writing. Immediately ruined.

Be ready for anything. Learn from it. Keep the vibes positive. What else could we do besides take away this lesson that we’d apply to each and every disaster scenario that has hit us since, and each time we seem to have done alright. ‘Water Works’ is a reminder about what can be overcome in a great community, and a reminder to maintain this outlook for all the many more challenges that are sure to arise.”