New Cycle: “Tourist Trap”

“They always tell you that foot traffic is king when it comes to picking a location. You have to have eyeballs on the business constantly, right?

Well…young 2011 us us bought into that so when we picked our first location on the bay we were stoked to be located right next to the at-the-time biggest renter of water activities in San Diego. When you checked in to their business, you stood in a line that went RIGHT in front of our entry making it impossible to miss what we were doing.

Awesome. This is going to be like 30 new members a weekend!

Not so much. You see, we came to quickly learn that basically every single person in line was a tourist just there for the weekend, or a San Diego resident nowhere close to our gym. Nice. So, in reality all we did was block our entrance with people who would never join, creating an annoyance for our workout flow and members. Cool cool.

Just another long line of lessons we’ve learned about why it doesn’t pay to go chasing all the things they say you’re supposed to do. Good workouts, good coaching, good vibes. That’s all the growth you’ll ever need.”

Dave, Co-Founder

Finals Week: 2′ Swing Test

TUESDAY: Rowing Endurance
Finals Week: 5′ Row Density

Finals Week: 1R Push Jerk

THURSDAY: Muscle Endurance
Finals Week: “Around the Horn”

FRIDAY: Back Squat
Finals Week: Back Squat Pro Day

SATURDAY: “Game Day”