New Cycle: “Hammerhead”

“Up the road from our first location in Mission Beach lies a f*cking legend – The Olive Cafe. Owned by Sarah and managed by Jose, this gem was vital for fueling Bryan and I in years one through three. This was a time when we coached all of the classes, were there open to close all day, cleaned the gym ourselves, and were responsible for every aspect of the business.

If we had step counters, we would have easily clocked in at 25,000+ per day. Conservatively. 

We were constantly running up the road to grab coffees, pastries, meals, snacks. You name it. My go to was a Hammerhead. Caffeine with an extra an shot of caffeine. We were there so often that one year, Sarah ran some numbers and concluded that we were their number one customers. 

A badge of pride we still wear. If you’re in the Mission Beach, San Diego area – The Olive Cafe is a must. A small business that truly helped launched where we are today.”

-Dave, Co-Founder

MONDAY: Back Squat
Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max

TUESDAY: Isometric Strength
Finals Week: 5′ RKB Swing Density

WEDNESDAY: Bench Press
Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max

THURSDAY: Core Strength
Finals Week: “Bad Hop”

FRIDAY: Hip Thrusts
Finals Week: Box Jump Pro Day

SATURDAY: “Game Day”