New Cycle: “Fish Fry”

“It’s getting a little creepy at this point, how often the theme of fish – specifically the kind that are not alive – follows our brand around.

At three separate HQ locations now, we’ve had to deal with the smell of dead fish in some form or another. First, at Mission Bay during low tide. Then, at Crown Point when the fishing charters would come in for the night. Finally, at Pacific Beach outside of a Poke shop. Let me rephrase – outside of a Poke shop’s DUMPSTER.

At this point, we just kind of embrace it. And if the smell of rotting animal flesh has never been enough to drive people away – then I guess we’re doing a few things right?”

-Dave, Co-Founder

MONDAY: Front Squat
Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max

TUESDAY: Explosive Strength
Finals Week: 5′ Burpee Density

Finals Week: 1R or 3R Max

THURSDAY: Time Under Tension
Finals Week: “Golden Sombrero”

FRIDAY: Deadlift + Chin-Ups
Finals Week: Chin-Up Pro Day

SATURDAY: “Game Day”