Movin’ The Charts – Kami Olavarria: “I’ve Never Seen Results Like This Before”

Kami has been a Become More Nutrition Systems client for nearly all of 2021 and is a great representation about what steady, modest progress can do towards nutrition sustainability. Today, she shares her success and experience in the program.

1. Why did you enroll in Nutrition Coaching and has the program helped you with that outcome?
I enrolled in the Nutrition Coaching because I definitely had some fat I wanted to lose and work on body recomposition – and I REALLY love accountability and following a plan. The program absolutely helped me with that outcome – I’ve never seen results in myself like this before in a way that also feels healthy and sustainable. I really wanted a reset after 2020 and this was perfect!

2. What are some specific scan results you have achieved? What about non-scan results like how you feel, perform, etc?
I am down 3.2% body fat and -8.4lbs of body fat since January! I feel amazing and super energized. I’ve been hitting lots of PR’s and overall just had incredible energy in and outside of the gym. I still have some more fat I am working on losing, but I’m pretty close to my goal BF% which is really exciting!

3. What has been your biggest nutritional “habit transformation?”
I personally love tracking my food now and it really is habit at this point – I love planning my meals out ahead of time so I don’t even have to think in the moment about what I want, I just follow what I have planned out and stick to it! And now that I’ve been doing this for months, some days I don’t even have to track at all because I’m so used to how to build my meals now.

When I have long work days out of the house, I pack my food ahead of time based on my calories I need and what I have planned out for myself, which is an incredible habit that’s keeping my energy up and not throwing off all my goals/progress on those days I’m away from the kitchen all day. And because of how long I’ve spent this year really tracking and paying attention to everything I’ve been eating and how it makes me feel, I find I’ve been able to make way better choices when I’m out or not cooking for myself because I have such a good sense of how to build nutritious meals that will make me feel good!

4. In what ways has Coach Ashley’s guidance been helpful to you?
I think the biggest thing that has been helpful for me is focusing on overall lifestyle and habits without the shame if you ‘mess up.’ I can be really hard on myself and then use ‘failure’ as an excuse to give up, which is just not sustainable AT ALL. The whole system around the nutrition coaching is low pressure and a huge piece of it is also honoring our social lives and mental health.

A huge victory for me has been letting it go and not seeing myself as a failure if I have a night of drinking or don’t follow my meal plan for one evening. I could tell how much I had healed my relationship with food when I had nights that weren’t perfect and were able to let it go and start again the next morning without shame or anxiety. That’s the key to making this a sustainable lifestyle! The no-judgement support has kept me working on this since January, which is absolutely the longest I’ve ever stuck to anything like this.

5. What would you say to someone on the fence about Nutrition Coaching?
I cannot recommend it enough! Even if you think you already know how to eat well, there’s something so amazing about doing it alongside a community who is also focused on crushing their goals. It’s so inspiring and motivating!

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