Motivational Want vs. Indispensable Need

At first, you love the game and how it’s played. You love the routine. You love the process and how it yields dramatic results. Then, over time, like any stimulus, the effect it produces gradually begins to slow and the routine that we once fell in love with begins to slowly shift to grueling work we resent. Where Sunday meal prepping which was once your weekly guarantee for upcoming success is now a lengthy process that you dread. Where waking up at 5:20 to train transforms from cornerstone habit to tiresome grind. Where the thing you couldn’t wait to do after a long day of work changes from hitting the gym to hitting the couch.

There is no doubt that we have all been transformed in some way by COVID-19 and the challenges its placed on our relationship to fitness. When I am no longer as in love with the process as I once was, is to be able to separate what I view as “motivational want” versus “indispensable need.” A motivational want is typically tied to a quantifiable outcome. I want to lose five pounds around my midsection. I want to hit a ten pound clean PR. I want to add three pull-ups onto my total or shave eight seconds off of my 1000m row. These are things we desire but something in us has not deemed them necessity.

An indispensable need, however, is something that by definition we cannot do without. The mental sanity that accompanies physical fitness, the feeling of being strong, fit, and able during a pandemic. I am sure you have some. What are they?

It’s very easy to fall out of love with the game when our behaviors are always driven by motivational wants. Our behavior tends to be very hot for a while, and then it cools off based on when tangible goals begin to slow. However, it’s very easy to establish a less volatile emotional connection and behavioral pattern with fitness when we become more driven by indispensable need.

What can you not do without?


Thursday, 9.17.20


12’ EMOM:
A: 8 RKB Swings + 8 HP Reach Through
B: 8 SA Hanging Side Lunge + 8 SP Reach Through

8 Push Press
10 Half Racked Forward Lunges
80m Half Rack Walk
(x22 Min)