Hope everyone had an outstanding weekend.  We had an outstanding video shoot and BBQ on Saturday and are really stoked to see what EnJet Media puts together for us.  Tiffany and Matt were great and I can’t recommend them highly enough for any small business looking to put together a great video.

First, here’s a look at the training split for the week.  As always, we mix up the workouts by day.  It’s important to realize that it does not matter what your goal is, every workout will be able to tailor the reps and weight so that you’re in the right range.  While some are certainly more aerobic or anaerobic in nature, it’s the consistent combination of them all that will get you the most well-rounded results.

(RFG = reps for goal)

Today we’re doing a multi-goal superset with descending amounts of reps.  Four total rounds, shade under 30 minutes.


Don’t forget to check out our educational portion of the Training Board, “Why We Do: Squats”.  We’ll be switching topics tomorrow and going through the science of circuit training.

We’ve also added a new section to the Food Science board called, “What’s the Deal With?”, where we’ll profile a certain nutritional hot topic.  This week we’re covering gluten.

Looking forward to another great week at P360.


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