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Open Gym: 3 – 4 pm at P360 Mission Beach

Daily Challenge: “Wag the Dog”

Format: 7 Round Circuit + Finisher

7 Rounds:

5/s Bulgarian Split Squats
10 Ring Dips
30′ Plank
45′ Farmer’s Holds (Crown Point) or 80m Farmer’s Walks (Mission Beach)


8 x 100m Sprints
(30′ Rest/Walk the Turns)


  • Goblet Squats for Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Pushups for Ring Dips


Workout Notes:

Bulgarian Split Squats

  • When squatting/lunging down, the knee should stay behind the toe, so you will want to take a rather decent step away from the bench on your set up.
    Tall chest


Ring Dips

  • Squeeze the armpits together as if you were ringing out a sponge to create tension and stability.



  • Fully extended knees and hips.  Squeezing the glutes together, shoulder blades drawn together.  No hunchbacks.

Power Hour: 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Format: 5 sets of each movement

5 x 5 Power Cleans
5 x 5 Power Snatches