Open Gym: 3 – 4 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Daily Challenge: “Fold ‘Em”


Push Press

  • Proficient – 5 x 2
  • Beginner/Intermediate – 5 x 5

Then, Your Choice

For those who want to work on pull-ups, it will be a hypervolume style workout.

  • Pull-Ups – 3 to 5 sets x 125% on low band assistance
  • Or, fill into FLC circuit for up to 20 minutes max.


Fat Loss/Conditioning:30 minutes

Format: (3) stations, perform the combo of movements at each before moving on.

A: 5 Goblet Squats, 5 Burpees, 5 Goblet Squat
B: 10 Pushups, 30’ Plank, 10 Pushups
C: 100m Row, 80m Run, 100m Row

P360 Power Hour: 6 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Clean & Jerks 8 x 2 @ 80%


Muscle Up Progressions


Hang Cleans from 3rd Pull @ 50%

You will have the option to work on muscle ups, or continue to work different clean and jerk progressions.  In order to work on muscle up progressions, you must be able to perform a strict pull-up and ring dip without a band.