Daily Challenge

“Rocky Road”
Format: Circuit + Finisher

First, Slow and Heavy.
5/sd Barbell Lunges
10 RKB Swings
5/s Floor Wipers
80m Farmer Walk

Last, Quickly.
25 KB Burpee Deadlifts


P360 Barbell
6a, 12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×5 Back Squats @ 80%

5×5 Deadlifts @ 80%



The Proper Lunge Pattern

We talk a lot about movement pattern and the importance of “grooving” the movement. This is the steady, consistent effort of shaping your movement patter in order to be safe and productive. There are many reasons to perform a movement properly with the most obvious being the avoidance of injury.

But there is a more important aspect of it, and that is to actually be productive. To get benefit out of the movement!


That said, here is where our focus should be today on our barbell lunges:

  • Ground the Heel: When you lunge, push back against the floor with your heel. This will turn on your hamstrings.
  • Don’t Drift: Don’t lean forward when you lunge. You step forward, you don’t lean forward.
  • Pull the Bar: pull the bar actively into your back. Don’t simply let it rest there.