Daily Challenge

“Paint it Black”
Format: 2-Tier

5×3 Hang Snatch @90%
(x5 for beginners)

5/s Goblet Rev. Lunge
3:3:3:3 Split Lunge Jumps to DB Press
10 Barbell Row


P360 Barbell
6a, 12p, 6 pm (CP)

5×2 Deadlifts @ 95%
5×3/s Strict KB Press

5×5 Hover Deadlifts
5×5 Pendlay Rows


Pull Up, Don’t Swing Out”
As you continue to progress in your hang snatch, and really, in all of your pulling Olympic lifts (snatch + clean), it is very important we realize where the barbell is actually traveling.  When performing the hang snatch, think about pulling the bar upward, not swinging it outward. It should travel in a straight-ish line straight up your body rather than an arching curve away from you.


By focusing on an upward pull, it will force you to have to jump the weight up and get the shoulders, upper back and traps involved.  Think about your arms as cables that hold the weight, and your body is the crane that moves it up.