Daily Challenge

“Bayside Landing”
Format: IWT

Every 12 Minutes
12 Hang Cleans @ 40%
300m Row
300m Run
Immediately After Each Round,
Strict Rest for 2 minutes
After That 2 Min. Rest,
30 BW Squats
30 Ring Rows
Then, Rest Until Your Heat Is Back Up


**Be forewarned you will rest A LOT in this workout. The key to an IWT workout is to go all out, 100% effort in your working sets. Each round should be exhausting. You will take plenty of recovery to ensure a high output on the reps you do have.

Specialty Classes

12p, 6 pm (CP)

6 Banded Deadlifts @ 50%
8 Partner Glute Ham Raises

8 Pendlay Rows
3/s Strict Press to Overhead Step-Up