MON: What to Expect in 2019

There’s been a few announcements over the past few weeks about what lies ahead in in the coming year. So, given the fact that the new year starts in 24 hours, we thought it handy to consolidate them all in a nice and neat year end post.

6 Week Programming Cycles
Going from four to six week cycles will allow you more time to develop, set, and reach goals within each cycle. With just one PPB every cycle now as opposed to two, focus will be easier and progress more attainable.

BecomeMore Nutrition
If you haven’t accessed your free copy of our eBook, get on it. For those who want a more hands-on, class style experience, we will be opening enrollment for our first 11-week Coaching Block in just 48 hours.

With three certified nutrition coaches on staff in 2019, you will have plenty of resources to get more out of your gym efforts.

The best part? These updates take place in 24 hours, folks.

While there will be many small improvements here and there that will likely go unnoticed, these two are our biggest and we expect them to help you thrive even more in the new year.


Monday, 12.31.18

For Personal Progress Benchmark
Aerobic Power 1
30(M)/15(W) Strict Pull Ups
100m Run
30 Goblet Squat Cleans
100m Run
30 H2H Swings
100m Run
30 Gob Rev Lunges
100m Run
1 Mile Run
(Track Your Time)