MON: Thumb or Finger?

When things go right, we are very often likely to use the thumb to tap our chest. “I did this. I deserve this.”

Yet, when things go wrong, we are likely to switch from the thumb to the finger and point it outward. “This was not my fault. I don’t deserve this.”

Take inventory of how often you use your thumb and how you often you use your finger when assigning credit or blame. The more you use the thumb for blame and finger for credit, contradictory to what feels comfortable for most of us, the more you’ll likely find yourself stumbling into successful outcomes.


Monday, 10.29.18

First. For Strength
Spend 30’ Working up to a heavy clean single.
Drop 10-20% for 3R working sets with time remaining
**Cleans can be hang or full in All Level**

Then. PPB Lactate Threshold 3
400m Run
*rest 3’
Record total combined of 3 rounds