MON: Some Club Forged Inductees

Some big time Sunday recognition is in order for this quarter’s CLUB FORGED inductees: Bri, Amy, Sean, and Tyler. A combined 9 years, 1,826 classes, and over a dozen achievement clubs worth of membership.

These folks have worked extremely hard changing their bodies, improving their abilities, and bringing a positive attitude to class every time they show up. Please make sure to offer them a congratulations next time you see them around the gym. They most certainly deserve it.

The P360 Team

Monday, 6.25.18

First, for Strength.
5 Deadlifts @ 60-80%
10 Rear Delt Raises
Complete 5 Rounds in 25 Minutes.

Then, for PPB Re-Test.
800m Sprint

Then, for Structure (Optional)
8 DB Bench Press
12 Ring Rows
6 Ab Roll-Outs
Complete 3 Rounds in 12 Minutes.