MON: #DonateABreathe

(Monday’s workout is posted below.)

Last month, I noticed something about myself when training in a class. I get extremely introverted and tunnel vision with focus directed mostly inward. I couldn’t stand the realization of the vibe I put out when joining the group. So, a few weeks ago I decided to change this behavior and hold myself accountable to interaction even when I was exhausted and competing with my fellow man or woman. I thought about ways I could be more of a contributor than consumer in class, and I decided to make it a point that every single person I passed on my 100 – 300 meter runs, I would say, “Good job, (insert name).”

However tired I was, gasping for air, and no matter the workout. I’d donate a breathe to try and pick someone else up.

Subtle. Simple. Not at all complicated or sweet.

My objective was not to gain anything out it, just to contribute and bring something more to the table than simply participating in the workout. But what I noticed was huge and unexpected dividends in return. People would begin to reciprocate it to me during the run, instigating it on their own. I saw folks then pass this along to others, saw it carry over the other parts of the workout both before and after, and before I knew the whole class was bit more lose, a bit more energetic.

Was it all because I said good job to people as I passed them? No. But it was likely one spark of many that helped contribute to a more upbeat workout with a great vibe that I couldn’t stop thinking about after.

I am introverted person and don’t particularly enjoy or succeed with small talk. I am not ever going to be the most vocal cheerleader in the room, so I must find ways I can inspire a room when I am working out in it, however humbly that might be. For me, my personal #DonateABreathe campaign worked extremely well.

Whatever this personal version of contributing your spark might be, to whatever scale big or small, try giving a little bit more of yourself to the group, and I’ll bet you get a lot more out of it in return.


Monday, 12.18.17

First, for Strength.
With a 16’ running clock, complete 1 set every 4’.
8 Double OH Deadlifts @ 70%
8 DB Floor Press

Then, for Conditioning.
Complete the following for a timed personal benchmark in a 25’ cap.
10:1 Burpees
100m Run