MON: Why We’re Planting Our Flag in OB

Last week, we announced that we would be opening up our brand new Ocean Beach location this April, and since then, a steady stream of congratulatory texts, phone calls, and emails have poured in. Friends and family, old members who moved years ago, friends from past lives, and of course, you guys. It has meant the world to us, and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support.

Among the congratulation has also been inquisition.

“What’s your guys’ end game? What’s the long term plan?”

My honest answer is that I have absolutely no idea. We’re not after trophies and industry adulation. There are no aspirations for “taking over.” All we have ever wanted to do is bring great fitness to great neighborhoods, and not compromise a single belief along the way. As such, the chance to plant our flag in Ocean Beach, a community that shares our fierce loyalty to independence and autonomy is something that we couldn’t have said, “Fuck yes” to fast enough.

Some have also asked us why we did not pursue a more upscale demographic and if we think OB will be a struggle for us, which is not only incredibly intrusive and disrespectful, but also missing the entire point of what our flag stands for:

People. Not bank accounts.

You give us strength of community and people in it willing to work, and we’ll take our chances everyday of the week. We’ve learned from seven years in Pacific Beach that it’s the people within the building who set the odds, nothing else, and for those reasons our patient excitement to join the OB community can barely be kept on a leash.

The one and only thing that we are certain about as we grow, is that small business success is always the underdog bet. The house will always be favored. The competitive landscape in San Diego is as brutal as it gets, and we will not succeed without your help. If you have friends, please tell them. When we open member enrollment, please share it.

We cannot build the standard of community, camaraderie, and self-improvement to the level that we have come to insist and expect without you.

Stay tuned — Next Monday, we open our OB enrollment for our First 50 Initiative.


Monday, 2.26.18

First, for Strength.
3/s DB Snatch to Jerk Combo
4 Box Jumps
6 Ab Roll-Outs
Complete 4 rounds in 20 minutes.

Then, complete the following PPB for time.
Aerobic Power 2
10:1 Burpees
100m Run