MON: P360 Ocean Beach Update

P360 Ocean Beach is humming along, and we’re stoked on all of the buzz and excitement surrounding the opening. We’ve received lots of questions from you guys over the past few weeks, so I figured I’d take a moment to answer the most relevant ones as a helpful guide to all.

**A member of Performance360 may attend any class at any location. 

**Class times will be limited to start: 6am, 11am, 5:30p. Classes will be added as membership grows, which we anticipate will be quickly. 

**The coaching schedule will be mostly unchanged with the exception of Coach Lenny moving over to coach full time at OB. If you wish to train with him, just pop over the bridge. 

**All gyms will fly the same Performance360 flag. OB will have some events and gatherings that will be specific to the OB community, just as PB. All members will be very welcomed at everything.

**Nothing changes with the way you sign up for classes. 

**There will not be open gym or specialty classes in OB to start. 

**Our first workout will be an OB Community Workout, Sunday, April 1st. We will be running a 9a and 10a workout, and regular classes begin Monday, April 2nd.

In addition, our First 50 Initiative is going fast. We are 68% sold out of it, and once we are completely sold, memberships will resume at regular pricing. So, if you have an OB pal who has been dragging their feet, get on them to make sure they secure a spot.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing crazy and pretty much business as usual. Hope you guys had a good weekend.


Monday, 3.26.18

First, For Strength
5 Front Squats @60-80%
8/s DB Leaning Row
every 4′ for 20′

Then, for Conditioning.
In teams of 3
A: 200m Run
B: 5/s Renegade Rows + 30 DB Flutter Kicks
C: 5 Goblet Squat Cleans + 10 Around the Worlds