MON: October Programming Prep

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We’re back! Another new month in the works. Here’s all that we have going on from a movement, PPB, and technique awareness perspective.

October Cycle:

Monday: Clean Progressions
Tuesday: Varied
Wednesday: Deadlift
Thursday: Varied
Friday: Varied Barbell Lift

Primary Lifts

Strength Speed: Cleans

As with any barbell lift, ensure that your level of progression suits your experience level. The weightlifting movements require a high degree of cognitive skill, and take years to master. Don’t set too high of expectations for yourself.

Here are some things to consider.

  • Hook Grip – “Why?” Tighter bar path. It keeps the bar from rolling in the hands.
  • “Active Catch” – Bring the bar to the shoulders by punching the elbows through with active hands, and elevating the shoulders, rather than just passively releasing the grip and crashing.
    “Why?” The less of a grip maintained on the bar, the less tension can be applied. We need tension when we catch to stand up, or we crumple like a leaf.
  • Move Your Feet – As per usual, we want to get everyone’s feet pushing outward to catch.
    “Why?” Pushing the feet out allows for space for the torso to push under and catch as quickly as possible after extension is met, and upright.
  • Stand Right Up – Practice standing up immediately after the bar is secured to the shoulders. Allow the strength shortening cycle to work when squatting the clean.

Absolute Strength: Deadlifts

It is highly important that you build up SLOWLY with your deadlifts. If you try and jump right into strength training before learning the movement pattern, you will inevitably overload your low back because your hamstrings and glutes have not had time to develop. Go slow. Go light. Train your legs, not your back.

  • Double Overhand Grip – For sub max lifting, mix if working toward higher percentages lower reps. When you mix your grip, understand that you create rotational forces on the spine and those are not good.
  • Lead With the Chest – Helps keep your hips back and down.

Accessory Movement Considerations

Rope Pulls: Find an appropriate load that challenges your strength, but allows you to pull a bit faster. Don’t get stuck on set one half way without getting the benefit of experiencing that “flow” state with the breathing of a fast rope pull, as well as missing the pump because the sled isn’t moving.

Rev Sled Drags: Rather than hunching forward when starting the drag be upright with bend knees and drive with the toes.


We will have the following Personal Progress Benchmarks in October.

  • Lactate Threshold 3:
    400m Run
    Rest 3’
    Record Total Time

  • Strength Endurance 3: 5′ Max Pull-Ups

  • Aerobic Power 4:
    12 Clean and Jerk (95#/65#)
    100m Run

    25-20-15 OH KB Swings (44#/26#)
    15-10-5 Push-Ups
    100m Run

    50 Goblet Squats (44#/26#)

We’re here to help at every step of the way. Use us.


Monday, 10.1.18

First. For Strength.
5 Hang Power Cleans
10 Seated DB Press
*Complete 1 set every 4′ for 20′

Then. For PPB.
Lactate Threshold 3
400m Run
Rest 3’
*Record Total Time

PHASE 1: Optional Squat + Row Test
Advanced: 3R Cleans